Look Into Yakima Bike Rack Reviews and Why Is It The One For You?

yakima bike rack reviews

With more information becoming available on all the health benefits of exercising, biking has become favorite already. It is an exercise that does not tire you out quickly; it is fun and relaxing while working out.

That’s why, most people when traveling decide to take their bikes with them, especially on camping trips and with family. The Yakima Bike Rack Reviews come with excellent features for family or solo trip.

The drawback of this decision is the difficulty that comes with transporting your bike. A lot of the time, it is so inconvenient that you might even give up and simply abandon thoughts of biking.

But I have good news. With this Yakima, taking your bike with you on any trip becomes as easy as ABC.

The Yakima Holdup is an excellent option for transporting bikes when you are out with your family or even on a double date.

It is very versatile and secure, installed and used without stress and allows you easy access to your vehicle. Basically, when you purchase this Yakima product, you can rest easy.

Yakima Bike carrier for Cars

Final Verdict for Yakima hitch Rack Review

  • Conveniently hold up to four bikes.
  • Purchase of this product is quite affordable.
  • SKS Cable lock system for your bike’s security.
  • Very durable.
4.3 of 5 Stars

Yakima Bike Racks Overview

Are you tired of clumsily tying up your bikes to your trunk? Do you need a bike carrier that suits your car, style and budget? Well, the Yakima Holdup Bike Rack is an impressive equipment.

The Yakima hitch rack Hold-up is a product of Yakima, the foremost manufacturers of top-notch gear and cargo racks. Their tradition of creating sturdy and functional equipment has been going strong for over 40 years.

With a pedigree like this one, this Hold-up already has a lot to offer. But you need to get all the necessary information on it. 

And that’s why, we had to do our homework on this. As a result, this Yakima hitch rack reviews describes this handy gear comprehensively.

The Yakima Bike Hitch Rack Reviews

The Yakima hitch rack Hold-up is one of the foremost bike racks when it comes to speed of installation and ease of use. 

It has a good number of features that you will find attractive. These features assure you convenience, durability and, most importantly, value for your money.

Its pivot arm is strong, simple to use, and easy to secure to your bike wheels. This is even more important because it protects your paintwork from getting scratched. 

Its trays are entirely adjustable, helping you prevent contact between your bikes. Apart from that, this bike carrier is flexible enough to fit and hold a good range of bikes.

You should note that this product requires an add-on (Hold-up +2) so it can carry four(4) bikes. 

Also, it is quite heavy, although that can be chalked up to its durable construction material of steel.


  • Dimensions: 44 x 14 x 15 in.
  • It weighs 49 lbs. and has a maximum capacity of 60 lbs. for each bike.
  • Hitch size options of 2" or 1.25".
  • Made with sturdy steel material.
  • It is SKS (Same-Key-System) bike lock, and hitch lock enabled.
  • It comes with a lifetime Warranty.
  • Material: Steel

Notable Features of the Yakima Bike Racks

1) Versatility

The Yakima hitch rack Hold-up is a versatile bike carrier. The hitch rack readily accommodates your full suspensions, disc brakes, boost hubs and through axle bikes. 

Also, it allows you to hold more than two bikes securely. Although, this ability to hold up to four bikes is dependent on the use of the hold-up +2. This is a convenient add-on and another sturdy product from Yakima.

Another versatile plus is that its StrongArm can hold bikes with wheel sizes of up to 29 in. and tires with a width of up to 4.8 in.

Buying this bike carrier ensures that you can comfortably carry more than just your bike. Plus, you don't have to worry about wheel size or type.

2) Capacity

This bike racks weighs 49 lbs., and it has a maximum capacity of 60 lbs for every bike. 

This is remarkable because it allows you comfortably transport almost any bike size. Do check out our other product features with different capacity at bike racks for cars.

From carrying your kids' bikes to your regular ones and even your mountain bikes, you can rest assured that the Yakima hitch rack is just the equipment you need.

3) Security

In terms of security, the Yakima hitch rack has a SpeedKnob that makes locking your bike up easy to do. Its lock mechanism also features an integrated Same-Key-System. 

Although this allows you to secure your bike to the rack firmly, it does not do much for their security against theft.

4) Zero-Contact

This Hold-up has some features that allow your bike frame to have no contact whatsoever with other bikes or with the rack itself.

One of these features is the StrongArm. This is a steel arm that is flexible enough to allow you to attach it to the tire of your bike. 

This prevents scratching on your bike so that you can rest easy about your bodywork.

Another feature is the Tray. This is the part of the rack where your bikes rest. It is adjustable from side-to-side, and this allows you to secure more than one bike on your rack comfortably. 

It also saves you from worrying about the bikes clanking against each other on rough trails.

5) Convenience

The Yakima bike carrier has several convenient features that allow you to make use of this equipment efficiently. 

One of these is its simple tilt feature that helps you bend and lower your rack for easy access to the trunk of your car.

Its ability to carry more than one bike is another important feature. This allows you to easily transport the bikes and makes group expeditions even more exciting.

6) Durability

Interestingly, using the Yakima hitch rack hold-up guarantees you durability for not only your bike racks, but also also ensures that your bikes last longer. 

This is made possible by its secure hold, and the zero-contact feature.

With the zero-contact feature, your bike frame is kept separate from the rack itself, and even from other bikes. This keeps it free from petty damages, defacing and elongates its lifespan.

The bike racks have been manufactured from steel that is sturdy, and quite tough. 

This durability is further enforced by the lifetime warranty provided by Yakima.

The Pros & Cons


  • With an add-on, this bike carrier can conveniently hold up to four bikes.
  • Its StrongArm design allows it to have zero contact with the frame of your bikes, keeping your paintwork safe.
  • It can be tilted back while loaded with bikes, to allow you easy access to the trunk of your car.
  • Its adjustable trays significantly reduce contact between bikes, preventing them from damaging each other.
  • Purchase of this best bike racks is quite affordable.
  • SKS Cable lock system for your bike’s security.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to assemble, use and load.


  • Installation of this bike racks is a bit inconvenient as it is quite heavy and bulky.
  • Its lock features are quite easy to compromise and are more for secure holding than an anti-theft feature.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this hitch rack allow access to the rear of cars?

For some cars, yes. This is because, in some vehicles, the tailgates open by swinging upwards. 

So in this case, the ability of the hitch rack to tilt downwards allows you access to the trunk. But it won't work as well for vehicles with rear gates that open by swinging to the side.

2. How do I ensure that my bikes do not touch when mounted?

There is enough space on the rack to ensure that your bikes do not touch each other. But if you need to create even more space, the holding trays are adjustable to the side.

3. How much weight can this rack carry?

The maximum weight for each bike is 60 lbs., and it can carry two bikes without any alterations. So, its total capacity is a maximum of 120 lbs.


A best bike carrier that ticks all the boxes is what you need for that perfect family outing this summer.

With its features that give you security, versatility, durability and even convenience, this bike carrier from Yakima hitch rack stand out from its peers.

Having read this article on Yakima reviews, we are sure your decision making is much simpler.

With the thorough research that has gone into this article, we can assure you that this hitch rack is just the one for you. We rate this product 4.3 stars out of possible 5.

Final Verdict

#1st Rated

Yakima Bike Rack

The Yakima Holdup is an excellent option for transporting bikes when you are out with your family or even on a double date. It is very versatile and secure, installed and used without stress and allows you easy access to your vehicle.

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