Thule Apex 4 Bike Rack Review For Bike Junkies

thule apex 4 review

Cycling has been established as one therapeutic sport as much as it is appealing. Therefore, it has become important for cyclists to think of ways to transport their trusty two-wheeled vehicle such as Thule Apex 4 review that we came across. 

If you’re reading this, we believe you are considering buying a bicycle rack; so before we go ahead to review the Apex 4 hitch rack, here are some things to take into consideration.

Your car model, No. of bikes to be lugged, frame of your bike, your budget, the terrain you will be driving on and last but not the least, the level of security the rack can guarantee.

Apex 4 hitch rack for Cars

Final Verdict for Apex 4 Review

  • Easy installment.
  • Presence of space between bikes to avoid contact.
  • Bikes to rack are locked with an inbuilt cable lock.
  • Bike to bike contact in a good range.
4.2 of 5 Stars

Apex 4 Bike carrier Overview

Thule is the Swedish bike company which was established in 1942 with over 40 sales outlet around the world. 

It has a dizzying array of products featuring bike racks, roof racks, cargo carriers and baskets, winter and water sports racks, strollers, bike trailers, child bike seats, child carrier backpacks, luggage, bike bags and racks, laptop, tablet & phone cases, camera bags & cases, rooftop tents & accessories and van accessories.

Their line of bike racks is produced in a way to fit any one's preferences. Roof bike racks, Hitch bike racks, Trunk bike racks, and Trunk bed bike racks are made available to cater your needs, but our review will be focused on the Apex hitch rack.

The Apex Bike Hitch Rack Reviews

After much research on various Thule bike racks, this is what we lay down on the Apex 4 hitch rack:

This Thule hitch rack is a very convenient and security guaranteed rack. If you are thinking of going on a trip with your family, this is the top pick for you; seeing as it has a carrying capacity of 2-4 bikes.

As the name duly implies, the Apex bike hitch rack is set up by connecting it directly to the hitch bar of your car. It also has cradles made of soft rubber material, which is a protective measure for your bicycle. 

Besides, this bike carrier enables you to use your trunk while it is still hitched to your vehicle; this is made possible as it tilts sideways.

The rack is weightless even if it is made of steel and it weighs 42 lbs. It is also compatible with other accessories like the Thule bike lock.


  • The relative weight of 42 lbs.
  • The load capacity of 150 lbs. with a maximum bike weight of 37.5 lbs. each.
  • Dimensions: 42.2 x 11 × 40.2: in.
  • Folded dimensions: 14 × 38 × 17 in.
  • It can carry four bikes simultaneously.
  • The distance between bikes is 5.5 in.
  • This hitch rack possesses a bike lock.
  • Compatible with one key system.
  • Fits into 2” receivers compatible, but not 1.25” receivers.
  • It has a tilt function even with a bike intact.

Notable Features of the Thule Apex 4 review 

1) Stability

A popular setback with bike racks is the sway factor. Bikes may end up swaying while in motion with a rack not fitted. Sometimes, this leads to scratching of vehicles or the bicycles themselves.

However, the Thule hitch rack promises you bike stability as it comes with an in-built anti-sway mechanism that becomes invisible when not in use.

2) Safety

We have sometimes lost trusted bikes or ended up spending extra cash for repair when bikes graze against each other while in motion.

Thanks to the 5.5” spacing between bikes in this rack, you do not need to worry about the bikes grazing each other while driving.

3) Versatility

Very few bike racks for cars come with a fit-all-bike feature, and sometimes, this discourages buyers. However, this device is compatible with various bike sizes and frame styles.

You can now easily carry your bikes as well as the children’s bikes. This is because of its compact cradle design. 

It is also very compatible with security accessories and can accommodate different vehicle models.

4) Accessibility

Many products may require you to dismantle totally to access the trunk of your car. 

The Thule rack comes with a tilt function which aids in tilting the rack sideways even when loaded with bikes. 

This comes in handy when you are traveling over a long distance. The arms of this rack also fold down when not in use, so easy movement is still guaranteed.

5) Easy to set up

We have sometimes acquired products and taken it home with the hope of installing it ourselves but have been disappointed many times. 

Then, we had to contact handymen to help set up. Thankfully, setting up the Thule rack is considered easier than riding a bike.

It comes almost ready to go and also possesses a SnugTite stinger, which aids in locking the rack to the vehicle. There is also an integrated cable lock which also assists in locking the bike to the rack. 

You can easily use the user guide that comes with it to set up. It can also be easily open or close by pulling a pin.

6) Durability

You may be seriously considering the durability of this product. Have no fear, this product made with materials and paddings made to withstand extreme weather. 

It's vinyl coated clips, and buckles provide a double function as it helps prevent car and bike damage as well as acting as a cover for the clips. Therefore, you can count on the quality and durability of this product.

7) Capacity

When purchasing a bike rack, a very important factor considered is the number of bikes it can accommodate and the weight it can carry. 

We have come across bike racks with low load capacity but paraded to carry as much as four bikes at once.

More often than not, we discovered that it was designed for children bikes (smaller bikes) and not adult bikes. This product can accommodate four adult bicycles. 

It has a load capacity of 150 lbs. Hence, the maximum bike weight per bike is 37.5 lbs.

8) Portability

Many of us have been discouraged from buying racks because of the weight of most products. 

Heaving it while setting it up is always taken into consideration as no one wants to heave one's weight equivalent while tightening bolts and screws. The weight also affects the mileage of one's car.

This is why this product is one of Thule's best sellers as it is easy to haul at a relative weight of 42 lbs. 

This is fair enough for a bike rack that can accommodate the weight of 150 lbs. 

Driving a car with 192 lbs. extra weight, you have little worries about mileage as most vehicles are built to carry much more.

The Pros & Cons


  • Easy installment.
  • Convenience when accessing the trunk of the vehicle.
  • It can accommodate a wide range of bike sizes and frames.
  • Rubber no-sway cradles are available in this rack.
  • Presence of space between bikes to avoid contact.
  • Possesses foldable arms which can be retracted when not in use.
  • Bikes are locked to the rack with an inbuilt cable lock.
  • Made of steel material, but still portable.
  • Compatible with various car models.


  • The price is a bit on the expensive side.
  • It has a limited warranty time-frame.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Will it accommodate more than two bicycles?

Yes, it is built to accommodate four bicycles as far as its weight is not more than 150 lbs. collectively.

2. I drive a minivan. Is the rack compatible with my vehicle?

Yes, it is compatible with various car models.

3. Will it fit into my 1.25” hitch receiver?

No, the Thule hith rack is built to fit into 2” hitch receivers only.

4. Will I be able to access my trunk?

Yes, the product is built to tilt sideways, when opening your trunk.

5. Can I set up the bike rack by myself?

Yes, you do not need external help while setting up the Thule hitch rack as long as you follow the user guide.

6. Does it come with a lifetime warranty?

No, it has a limited warranty time-frame.


Generally, the Apex 4 hitch rack is a convenient and durable product that is worth its price.

It will come in handy when going hiking, a family road trip or a short ride to the park. 

Remember to consider getting security accessories like the Thule frame adapter, Thule ratcheting strap kit and Thule tram (for winter purpose) for more comfort while using your bike rack. 

From this Re​​​​view, we rate this product 4.2 stars out of possible 5.

We hope you find this review helpful and wish you luck finding a suitable bike rack for you.

Final Verdict

#1st Rated

Apex 4 Bike Rack

the Apex 4 bike rack is a convenient and durable product that is worth its price. It will come in handy when going hiking, a family road trip or a short ride to the park.

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