Swagman E-Spec Bike Rack Reviews & Features

swagman bike rack reviews

A bike rack is a device connected to a vehicle to which you can mount your bicycle for easy transport such as Swagman bike rack reviews. Have you ever tried cramming your bicycle into the backseat of your car? 

Then, you’ll realize the importance of a bike rack. It is virtually impossible to transport your bike(s), without a bike rack, from one location to another and start riding immediately you get to your destination.

With a bike rack, you can transport your bicycle(s) by SUV, truck or car without having to go through the stress of dismantling it before loading.

However, despite the numerous bike racks for cars on the market, bikers still go through different trials trying to purchase a rack that can be securely attached to their vehicle to transport their bike(s). 

The good news is that the Swagman E-Spec carrier is one of such carriers ergonomically designed to handle heavy load safely.

After carrying out thorough research, we wrote this Swagman bike rack reviews, where we mentioned most of the perks, features, and of course, the cons of this amazing bike rack.

Swagman Bike Racks for Cars

Final Verdict for Swagman Bike Rack Reviews

  • Very sturdy construction.
  • Tower hooks can be locked, drastically reducing the risk of theft.
  • Assembly is relatively easy.
4.65 of 5 Stars

Swagman Bike Rack Overview

Swagman is a renowned brand in the RV, bicycle, and automobile markets. The Swagman mission is to make the life of outdoor enthusiasts easier, and as such, the company understands the importance of racks in conveying bikes from one destination to another.

Swagman products are tested and trusted to transport your bicycle on long destinations conveniently. 

The brand is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the automobile industry. Hence the design of this advanced Swagman E-SPEC hitch bike rack.


The Swagman Bike Rack Reviews

Heavier bikes demand a rack that is designed to handle the strain of such load. Moreover, if you have one of the increasingly popular electric bikes, then you’ll have to ensure that your rack can handle the weight which is often twice that of a regular bike.

This Swagman E-Spec is one of the most recent developments in the platform bike racks world. 

Though it might look like one of the regular Swagman platform bike racks, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is specifically designed for electric bikes and RVs.

The E-SPEC hitch bike ride can conveniently handle the strain of two bikes which each weigh up to 70 lbs. 

This E-Spec model includes modifiable padded wheel cradles and locking hooks which can accommodate most bike sizes and can be folded to enable compact storage.

This further ensures that the loading and unloading of your bicycle (s) is easy and quick, also guaranteeing excellent stability.


  • E-bike carrier explicitly designed for heavy-duty.
  • Platform-style carrier.
  • Fits most styles, shapes, and sizes.
  • Fits bikes of 20” – 29” with 3” width tires.
  • Handles up to 2 bikes (weighing up to 70 lbs. each).
  • Folds conveniently against the back of the vehicle when it’s not in use (can’t be folded when utilized on an RV).
  • Threading locking hitch pin is included.
  • Features universal keys on locking ratcheting arms which prevent bike theft.
  • Carrier weighs 60 lbs.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Notable Features of the Swagman Bike Rack

1) RV Appropriate

The Swagman E-SPEC model includes a Trailer/5th Wheel hardware kit that allows consumers to use the E-SPEC carrier on the rear of their RVs. By using this kit, you prevent the rack from folding up or down, and it also makes the rack more stable.

These modifications are as a result of the whip action on the rear of RVs, which is significantly more than that on most passenger vehicles.

2) Security

Locking cables are inbuilt security devices that lock your bike in place by wrapping a sturdy chain around it. The advantage of this is that it protects your bike(s) from thieves. 

As a standard premium model, the Swagman E-Spec features locking hooks and an additional steel cable that attaches to an anti-rattle pin to secure your bikes to the rack.

This model further includes push buttons that allow the hooks to hold different-sized bikes independently. 

Also, sliding cradles which have ratcheting straps secure the wheels of the bike to the rack. Hand knobs which can be adjusted easily ensure that the rack can carry bikes of different lengths.

3) Folding

The E-Spec rack folds up against the rear of the vehicle when it is not in use except you are utilizing the RV Hardware Kit. It features a spring-loaded lever that enables you to fold the rack up.

4) Design and Construction

This Swagman model has a versatile design that fits most styles, shapes, and sizes of bikes. 

Fat tire cradles which enable the rack to handle bikes with up to 3” to 5” tires are also sold separately. An included hitch lock secures the rack to the user’s vehicle.

This model is also designed with a threaded hitch pin that reduces the noise and movement of the rack while in the user’s hitch. 

The low loading height of the rack significantly lessens the strain of mounting bikes. It is constructed with a sturdy, silver powder-coated steel which is resistant to corrosion.

Center Mast Swagman Bike Rack

The center mast on this rack folds down to allow easy rear hatch accessibility. That is, you can easily remove anything from the rear cargo area. 

If you do not want to remove it, you can fold the mast up against the vehicle to make it compact.


The Swagman brand offers a limited lifetime warranty on this rack for the original purchaser. 

This warranty encompasses all manufacturer’s defects alone. The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear issues.


Swagman is renowned for only manufacturing excellent products that are sold at competitive prices. The E-Spec rack is one of the top notch products manufactured by Swagman to meet the needs of users.

Swagman makes zero compromises as regards quality, so you can be assured that experts created this rack carrier with professional care and high-quality materials.

This E-SPEC bicycle carrier combines functionality with advanced design, ensuring that users can securely transport their bikes to whatever location.


Padded securing points are another premium feature of this rack carrier. Not only do they protect the painting of your bike when you are locking it into place, but they also protect the bike frames from abrasions and scratches.

The Pros & Cons


  • It has a very sturdy construction.
  • The bikes don’t bounce into the RV while in transport.
  • It is heavy, and users note that there is no wobble despite the weight of the bikes loaded on it.
  • The tower hooks can be locked, drastically reducing the risk of theft.
  • Assembly is relatively easy.
  • It enables users to secure the bike in three locations.


  • Some users with large vehicles have complained that the rack protrudes far from the back of the vehicle, making backing out of tight corners or parallel parking difficult.
  • Users have to hammer out the pin before the rack can be folded up or down.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions on Swagman Bike Rack Reviews

1. Is this Swagman rack RV approved?

This rack is RV approved, and you can install the included bolt to eliminate the folding feature. If you order the rack and you get one without the additional hardware kit, you can contact the customer service.

2. What is the maximum wheelbase length that this rack can accommodate?


3. Can this rack handle bikes with fenders?

Consumers encounter problems with most racks on the market due to their inability to handle bikes with fenders. 

However, the Swagman E-SPEC carrier is different, and we are confident that this rack carrier can work with your bike with fenders.

4. Can this carrier work with a truck hitch?

Yes, this carrier can operate on any 2" hitch.

5. What is the warranty period?

Limited lifetime warranty.


Swagman is one of the first companies globally to construct and design hitch style bike racks. This Swagman bicycle carriers E-SPEC does not fall below the standard.

It comes with superior heavy-duty features, which make transporting heavy bikes and electric bikes an easy task.

This Swagman bike rack review found this bike rack to be worth the price. It is sturdy, and it fits all bikes virtually. Two bikes each weighing 70 lbs. can be fitted to this rack.

Besides its exceptional design, the securing of this rack is quite commendable.

Indeed, this bicycle rack is an incredible carrier that is completely optimized to relieve users of the stress of transporting heavy bikes.

This Swagman bike rack reviews we rate this bicycle rack 4.65 stars out of the possible 5. If you found this review helpful, please feel free to share it with others.

Final Verdict

#1st Rated

Swagman Bike Rack Reviews

Swagman is one of the first companies globally to construct and design hitch style bike racks. This Swagman bicycle carriers E-SPEC does not fall below the standard.

Indeed, this bicycle rack is an incredible carrier that is completely optimized to relieve users of the stress of transporting heavy bikes.

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