Interstate Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery & DCM0035 Review

Getting an excellent battery for replacement isn't easy. Sometimes we need an extra battery to have enough power supply for our trolling motors or other appliances. 

The Interstate Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery - DCM0035 is one of the best car battery brand on the market.

Interstate Car Batteries is a leading company that is tested and trusted in the supply of batteries of top-notch designs, making available, the power to a high number of people. 

This interstate car battery review offers you complete information you need to know on this best car battery.

Interstate Batteries DCM0035

Final Verdict for Interstate Batteries DCM0035

interstate battery review
  • Interstate deep cycle car battery is a small-sized battery.
  • Made up of a very strong exterior of tough plastic.
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.2 x 6.3 inches.
  • AGM technology.
4.5 of 5 Stars

Interstate DCM0035 Car Battery Overview

A good car battery is very vital for whatever tasks you perform with your appliances. This Interstate Batteries stands for durability, efficiency, and saves you stress. Rather than buying a low-quality car battery, one should opt for the well-known portable battery from Interstate Car Batteries.

Its placement is no issue as you can place it anywhere on your boat never having to worry about maintenance. Also, the product always comes with a warranty and exchange policy at all Interstate car battery locationsSo, should there be defects, with your proof of purchase, you can easily get a replacement or quick fix.

Interstate DCM0035 Car Battery Product Review

If you are worried about cost, size and need a small car battery to power your troll motor and small appliances, then this interstate battery is for you.

The Sealed Lead Acid Battery supplies a 12 voltage current and offers a power of 35AH. The battery weighs only 23 pounds.

Built with durable materials, this Interstate car battery is a superb power delivery tool which is durable and portable. With its superior quality exterior and strap, you have little issue with maintenance and usage.

You only need to charge it for a short time and plug in your leads. You can get over two hours with your trolling motor using the Interstate DCM0035.


  • 12 Volts /35 AH
  • Non-lithium
  • Dry cell
  • Weighs 23.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.2 x 6.3 inches
  • Contained battery
  • AGM technology
  • Suitable for trolling motors

Notable Features of the Interstate Battery Review

1) Power

The Interstate DCM0035 delivers 12 volts of current, power of 35AH, making it an excellent purchase for small needs. Despite its small size, it can supply enough power, and for a good amount of time, to your small trolling motor and other small appliances with low current demand.

2) Design

Manufactured by the best, it's made up of solid lead plates and high-quality materials. It was designed using Absorbent Glass Material (AGM) Technology. This makes for easy or no maintenance at all, so it can even be anywhere in your boat, and don't have to worry about water on it.

3) Battery

The structure of authentic thick deep cycle plates allow the battery to handle your trolling motor with full of power. These car batteries are thoroughly designed, to supply enough current to your motor. The interstate batteries also enables you to fix and use in any recreation motor or with any appliance.

4) Size

The Interstate batteries is a small-sized battery. It measures a length of 7.7 inches and a width of 5.2 inches. It weighs a total of 23 pounds making for a simple carry as it has a strap for convenience and can be handled with one arm.

5) Durability

The Interstate DCM0035 is made up of a very strong exterior of tough plastic. This feature enables the interstate batteries to withstand rough rides, rains, and scratch, causing no damage on the battery itself or its performance. It can stand against vibrations so you can go as far as you want without worry.

6) Versatility

The battery can be used for an array of equipment or appliances. It can be used to supply just enough power to your trolling motors or other low RV power demanding appliances.

7) Hardware

It has a strap for easy carriage and comes with bolt washers and nuts. You can easily use it clipping the motor leads to the bolts. The battery is sold as a full package with everything you need.

8) Warranty

All Interstate Battery suppliers give you a warranty on the Interstate DCM0035 battery type as well as any other Interstate marine battery. You can even get a replacement if the battery develops defects within 12 months of buying it as long as you have a proof of payment on the product.

The Pros & Cons


  • This battery is easy to use and convenient to move around.
  • It is very portable and can be placed in tight spaces.
  • This battery charges up faster than others competing in the market, and it lasts longer, too.
  • The battery is maintenance-free such that the only thing you need do is not overcharge the battery.
  • It offers great value for the money spent.
  • Interstate battery distributors offer warranty and exchange so long as you have your proof of purchase.
  • The battery is durable and comes at an affordable price.
  • The battery comes with a one-year warranty and 45-days money-back guarantee.


  • The battery is too small, especially for great needs.
  • You cannot use this battery for golf carts and other such automobiles.
  • If overcharged, this AGM battery can lose the ability to hold charges.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions On Interstate DCM0035 Battery

1. Is the battery self-contained? 

Absolutely. It is a maintenance-free battery.


2. Would battery exchange be an issue after purchase?  

All purchases made from any Interstate battery dealer comes with a warranty and exchange battery. You only have to present your purchase proof.

3. Can this battery be used for a club golf cart? 

For the needed range, you'd prefer to stick to the traditional golf cart battery. It's small for it.

4. Can it be used as a car battery? 

It is not meant for cars. The car ignitions demand impulsive peak current. You cannot use this battery as it is designed for low charge drains like trolling motors, little solar systems, wheelchairs with low power RVs.

5. Can it be used in an SUV as a battery store for a 2500 watt RMS sound system?   

Yes. Two of it would work well for that.

6. What charges this battery well? Do I have to plug it to a wall?  

A simple charger like the BFC12 Automatic Battery Float Charger will work perfectly.

7. Does this replace the I-45?  

No, it does not.

8. Does the package also come with bolts for the battery lead?  

Yes. The package includes all the hardware for the battery, including built washers and nuts.

To search for best car battery to be use for your car, do visit this article for more info.


The Interstate batteries are an excellent choice suitable for many motors and appliances. Though it might not offer the power supplied by large deep cycle car batteries, it lasts very long. It offers great performance. The lightweight and high-quality design allows you to carry it easily.

The car battery is made of AGM technology, making it leak-proof and resistant to wear and tear. The battery can be mounted in any angle on the boat. It also comes with a one-year warranty and 45-days money-back guarantee.

This Interstate battery review rates this product 4.3 stars out of possible 5.

Final Verdict

#1st Rated
Interstate DCM0035 Battery

An excellent choice suitable for many motors and appliances.

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