10 Best Car Alarm System & Remote Car Starters (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2021 : Keep Your Auto Safe and Secure

Car alarms have been in existence for a long period, and they have slowly evolved over time. Car alarms are no more limited to just a sound and light flash; now there are better automotive alarm systems with state-of-the-art technologies that provide optimum protection for your car. After reading through, you should get the best car alarm system unit that suits your purposes.

So even when you visit a seedy neighborhood, you are rest assured that you have the best security for your car with our recommendation from the best car alarms system.

You may wonder, what is the best car alarm that suites you. In this guide, we have carefully categorized and duly listed the best car alarm systems according to their price, specs, pros and cons. 

This post also includes a buying guide to help you make the best selection and a FAQ section to answer some questions related to car alarms. For those who are in a hurry, here are some of our top picks.

Best choice

Python 5706P

Python 5706P car alarm system
  • Top-notch security.
  • Battery life is outstanding.
  • The best remote car starter.
best value

Viper 5305V

  • SuperCode encryption further boosts the security.
  • Starter kill included.
  • compatible with all the Viper pager alarm brand SmartStart module.

Why do you need a car alarm system?

A car alarm remote system can be the sole reason you don’t lose your car to thieves. With one of the best anti-theft devices for cars in place, both your car and the valuables inside have the best security. Once the car thieves notice it, they will rethink their decision to steal your car. 

Even if they decide to proceed, the alarm unit will draw enough attention to dissuade them. The sophisticated technology will ensure you peace of mind as you don’t always need to be around the car.

Apart from deterring car theft, a automotive car alarm unit makes it possible to track the whereabouts of a vehicle. Certainly if you are thinking of selling your car, the alarm unit that you have installed will fetch you a decent price.

Even the insurance company will take note of a premium security alarm systems. You will get superior insurance premiums and a peace of mind.

Best Car Alarm System 

(Top 10 Car Alarm Table Of Comparison)

The table below shows the summarized of comparison of Best Car Alarms System for your easy reference. However, the positions of this are in no particular order of importance in car security systems.



Our Rating

best car alarm system
1. Python 5706P (Best Alarm System)
  • Weighs : 3.48 lbs
  • Dimensions :      6.5 in*6.5 in*6 in.
  • Siren sound of 120dB.
  • The best remote car starter.


4.5 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

2. Clifford 5906X (Best 2 Way Car Alarm)
  • Top code encryptions.
  • User-friendly.
  • 2-way paging system.
  • Shock Sensor.
  • Anti- Carjacking Mode.

4.6 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $ $

3. Viper 3106V
  • Shock sensor.
  • Double auxiliary outputs.
  • 1-way system.

4.0 / 5.0

Price : $ $

4. Viper 5305V
  • Includes a starter kill.
  • Double-stage shock sensor.
  • 4-auxiliary channels.

4.4 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

5. Remote Starter Kit
  • Easy installation.
  • Compatible with Smart Phone Module.
  • Telematic Control Port is integrated.

4.0 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

Avital 5305L car security alarm
6. AVITAL 5303L
  • 2way car alarms.
  • Huge LCD (backlit).
  • 4-auxiliary channels.

4.3 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

Viper 5706V 2-way car alarm
7. Viper 5706V
  • Included tracking ability.
  • Compatible with all products of Viper SmartStart.

4.5 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

Avital 5305L 2-way car system
8. Avital 5305L
  • Integrated 2-stage sensor.
  • 4- auxiliary channels.
  • Included keyless entry feature.

4.3 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

Compustar CS6900 2-way car alarm
9. Compustar CS6900
  • long-range capability.
  • 2-way LCD remote screen.
  • Includes a 1-way remote.

4.5 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

Clifford 5706X 2-way
10. Clifford 5706X
  • Consists of keyless entry.
  • Included Anti-Carjacking VRS.
  • Super Code encryption.

4.4 / 5.0

Price : $ $ $

Top 10 Best remote Alarm System

1. Python 5706p (Best Car Security System)

Python 5706P

Are you after a budget-friendly & best car alarm with remote start system to install in your car? The Python 5706P is one of the best on the market, and you’ll not be disappointed. Made by Directed Inc, the Python car alarm is one of the best options in the top car alarms department.

As it operates with a remote start system, you can connect the Python alarm systems to your mobile phone. This way, you can control the car security system from any location as long as you’re with your phone.

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  • Security Alerts: Owners receive security alerts in real time. That is, the car alarm notifies you the minute someone attempts tampering with your car’s windows and doors.
  • 1-mile range remote which checks and informs you that your given commands have been activated through vibration, icon, text display and tones.
  • Battery: The Python 5706P comes with a long battery life that users enjoy. You can utilize the auto alarm system for up to three months before there’s a need to recharge
  • Integrated two-way pager: The two-way pager works in the range of one mile.


  • Security alerts pop up real-time.
  • Offers top-notch security.
  • Considering its price, it is budget-friendly as best remote start alarm.
  • The battery life is outstanding.
  • This is the best remote car starter and best car alarm system 2017.


  • You will most likely need a professional to install it.

2. Clifford 5906X Security Alarm (Best Buy Car Alarms)

Clifford 5906X

Clifford car alarms systems has earned a name in car alarm industry due to the quality of their products. The Clifford 5906X model is one whose adaptable modules can protect your car to a very high degree. In fact, this model employs SuperCode encryption which is next to impossible to crack, offering excellent car cyber security.

Moreover, it is unique in the sense that its 2-way remote features an OLED screen with full color. With this Clifford vehicle alarms, a user can rest assured of a top-notch system as it is also consider as one of the best car security.

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  • The SuperCode encryption technology: This technology is patented. This feature handles the Responder HD system functionality. Through the operation of this technology, a multi-car operation exists with this model. This allows you to access the operations of two cars from a single remote.
  • The SmartStart Feature: This integrated feature enables you to lock, unlock and start your car remotely. Besides, you can do this by pressing an appropriate button on your smartphone car alarm.
  • Its remote system offers up to a mile range.
  • It includes four auxiliary outputs.
  • The starter kill is foolproof.


  • It has one of the top code encryptions.
  • Its remote is actually user-friendly.
  • It offers modern security features and superb design.
  • This product can switch between floating charge.


  • Only a certified dealer can install it.
  • Users will need to separately purchase a bypass modulator.

3. Viper 3106V (Best Viper Alarm)

viper 3106V

The Viper 3106V model is one of the Viper car alarms that operate excellently. Are you after a basic vehicle theft security system? Then, this model is the answer. Its setup and installation are very easy to handle, and the model offers good car security system.

Most users appreciate the performance of this model because it works excellently compared to other car alarm systems in its price range. The most interesting part about this model is its panic alarm against carjacking. This enables you to kill the engine of your car, so a car thief doesn’t get far with it.

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  • Shock sensor: The shock sensor on the 3106V model is doubly-guarded. It prevents anyone from tampering with your car. Its adjustable sensitivity reduces false warnings. The sensors will warn intended car thieves about your sophisticated car alarm system.
  • 1-way system: It is a one-way and three-channel system equipped with a control center.
  • It includes double auxiliary outputs.


  • The Revenger and Stinger systems integrated into this model are reliable.
  • The auxiliary outputs are a plus in viper remote car starter.
  • The shock sensors are highly rated for sensitivity.
  • The anti-carjacking mode ensures that a thief doesn’t get away with your car.


  • As it’s a one-way type of system, you can never be too sure that the system has performed your given commands in this viper car alarm.

4. Viper 5305V (Best Buy Remote Start)


If you are in search of a car alarm system that provides you with optimum ease, then Viper 5305V is ideal choice. You can start your car even when you are a quarter mile away, with the remote start of this car alarm security system.

You can make sure your car is cooled or warmed before you get to it, by pressing a button on viper alarm system.

The high-security remote of this model can open your car trunk, unlock the car doors and make the alarm system operational or non-operational, depending on what you want. Users living in cold areas can appreciate this car alarm system as they can always keep their car warm.

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  • Viper car starter includes a starter kill which prevents thieves from hot-wiring your car.
  • The double-stage shock sensor which includes a six-tone siren releases a warning chirp when someone bumps into your vehicle. Then, it releases a powerful ear-splitting blast if the intrusion doesn’t stop.
  • Integrated 4-auxiliary channels with a capacity for turning the car interior lights on.
  • This viper car security model is compatible with all the Viper brand SmartStart module. So, from your phone, you can start your car irrespective of your location.


  • All users appreciate the remote start, which is an outstanding plus.
  • SuperCode encryption further boosts the security of this model to another level.


  • A professional is required for installation for this viper car alarm.

5. Remote Starter Kit w/ Keyless Entry

Remote starter car alarm

This Plug and Play Remote Starter Kit for GMC Terrain 2010-2014 is a pre-assembled kit. Do you need a starter car alarm kit that makes installation easy? Then, you should find the answer in this model as it is equipped for plug-in installation with the inclusion of a Bypass, T-Harness and Install Kit.

The assembly of this kit is manufactured with branded and pre-terminated connectors. The kit is programmed with Flash for the vehicles listed, and it has been pre-tested by the manufacturer to ensure that there is no issue of malfunctioning operation.

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  • This kit is well-suited for the GMC Terrain 2010-2014.
  • The kit is compatible with Smart Phone Module.
  • A Telematic Control Port is integrated. Through it, the Car Alarm With GPS Tracking Alarm Control Module can start a car from Android, Web, iPad and iPhone.
  • Its installation is easy as its wiring is not complicated. There is also a link to programming and installation video, an Install Guide and an Installation Tip Sheet. 


  • There is no requirement for dealer activation.
  • The remote can start, lock and unlock a car.


  • This alarms for cars is relatively expensive.

6. AVITAL 5303L

This is among the best options on the market. Directed Electronics owns this brand, and it has been making alarm system for cars for over 20 years. Most users have complimented the looks of this 5303L model. However, even more than its eye-pleasing looks, this Avital model is an excellent remote start and security system for your car. 

Setting up this Avital 5303L model is even more interesting part. Unlike other car alarm systems of its caliber, it is not hard to set up. So, you can be assured of a fast and easy setup as it even comes with a product manual with all the necessary installation instructions.

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  • An integrated 2-way security system.
  • It is a remote start security system featuring the keyless entry option.
  • Included 4-auxiliary channels.
  • Enables dual arming mode – active and passive.


  • It is easy to set up and easy to install car alarm.
  • Best buy car installation.
  • It is relatively budget-friendly considering its top features.
  • Includes panic mode.


  • Its durability could be better.

7. VIPER 5706V

Viper 5706V 2-way car alarm

The Viper 5706V is an excellent car alarm system with one of the best two-way pagers. As a high-end system, it is one of the most expensive on the market. However, it's brand name and amazing features makes it totally worth it. Its 2-way alram remote operates within 1-mile range but still provides the best capabilities for roaming.

This LC3 pager makes responding to threats very easy as it informs you on precisely what is going on with your car. One primary reason to opt for this model is the remote start. It is an incredible convenience that enables you to warm or cool your car by starting it minutes before you enter.

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  • The LC3 Responder remote is very sensitive, and it quickly recharges with the use of any USB port.
  • Buying different batteries will never be an issue as the battery life of this model is very long. It’ll last for months before a need arises to recharge.
  • Included 4-auxiliary channels.
  • Owner’s smartphone can be utilized as the remote in viper alarm systems.
  • Included tracking ability in the SmartStart GPS module.


  • Viper security system provides fast-to-respond alerts.
  • The remote start offers an unmatched level of convenience.
  • This is one of the best car alarms with GPS tracking.


  • The price at the high end side

8. Avital 5305L

Avital 5305L 2-way car alarm system

Guaranteed to work even from a far distance of 1500 ft., the Avital 5305L is considered one of the most affordable auto alarms. As a 2-way pager system, it offers confirmations and feedbacks from the car system to the remote.

The system of this model includes all the high standard modules of a security product manufactured by Directed Inc. The impact sensors of this model will immediately detect any blow or impact on your car.

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  • An integrated 2-stage sensor that detects heavy and light impacts. A light impact gets a warning twitter, but a heavy or repeated impact generates a 6-stage siren blaring.
  • It is sold with a one-way and two-way remote.
  • The remote start is a great convenience feature that makes it easy to adjust your car’s interior temperature to your desire, minutes before you get into the car.
  • 4- auxiliary channels with the capacity to expand features and controls.
  • Included keyless entry feature and panic auto alarm mode.


  • It is very affordable.
  • The impact sensor prevents harm from coming to your car due to carelessness.
  • The remote start feature is convenient.


  • Lack of compatibility with a car tracking device.
  • For some users, the 1500 ft. remote range is too short.

9. Compustar CS6900 (Best Car Alarm On The Market)

Compustar CS6900 2-way car alarm

Are you in need of an all-in-one alarm bundle and remote start featuring other amazing options? Then, this Compustar model is a great choice. It is an all-in-one, 2-way remote start and bundle. Also, its ability to operate and send commands from a 3000 ft. range is impressive.

This Compustar model is one with great reviews, testifying to the great package. Of course, this package includes a shock sensor, LED, the control module (CM600). This model works well with diesel engines. You can start your car from a remote location by just pressing down the main button for about 2.5 seconds.

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  • The long-range capability – 3000 ft. – is powered by SP (Superheterodyne Plus) Technology.
  • A 2-way LCD remote screen which enables immediate audio and visual confirmation.
  • Includes keyless entry.
  • Includes a 1-way remote for backup purposes.


  • It is budget-friendly.
  • The backup remote adds to its appeal.
  • It has a far 3000 ft. range.
  • The remote start and the security system are of top-notch quality.


  • It may interfere with some factory components on your system.
  • Not well suited to manual transmissions.
  • Requires professional for car alarms installation.

10. Clifford 5706X

Clifford 5706X 2-way

Just like the well-recognized quality of the Clifford brand, this Clifford 5706X model is of high quality. Like many top-notch good car alarms systems, this model is compatible with Smart start, which allows you to start your car from a remote location.

The product enables you to adjust the internal temperature of your vehicle – to warm or cool depending on your desire. With this model, a thief can’t just get away with your vehicle as the anti-carjacking mode stops the car engine.

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  • Included SST Remote with a one-mile range.
  • It consists of keyless entry; you can lock and unlock your car from the remote.
  • Included Anti-Carjacking VRS.
  • SuperCode encryption heightens the security on this Clifford model.
  • The included Starter Kill is foolproof.
  • The Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren prevents intruders from going near your car.
  • The shock sensors are double guard stinger.


  • This Clifford car alarm system provides excellent security for your car.
  • Its components are durable.


  • Relatively expensive to purchase.

 Best Car Alarm System 

Buying Guide

A car alarm is not a device to joke around with where your car is concerned as it can be the only thing that spoils an attempt at car theft.

However, most people tend to equate a car alarm with a good sonic blast, and this is wrong because the environment is kind of immune to that already.

You need a car alarm system that packs a whole variety of features all of which are geared towards foiling car theft.

Which portable car alarm system should I buy? This is something that a car owner has to deliberately research about. Making the wrong choice is never a good option.

Here are some of the top considerations you need to keep at the forefront of your mind when deciding on the car alarm system to purchase.

1) Sensors

It is common for someone new to car alarm systems to be concerned with just door sensors. The door sensors prevent intruders from going too near the door, hood and trunk of your car.

However, car door alarm sensors alone are not enough to stop car thieves. The top car alarm systems which we reviewed in this guide include other forms of sensors which stop thieves from carrying out their agenda. 


There are impact sensors just like that on Avital 5305L (best car alarm for vandalism) which prevent harm from coming to your car. Any impact on your car whether light or heavy is reported directly to you.

Motion sensors in a car alarm system detect any activity going on in the area where your car is packed, and then it triggers an alarm if the individual gets too close.

Moreover, the sensors on alarm system for car differ based on their level of sensitivity. Some sensors are more complex than others. Moreover, you have to take note of this before purchasing any car security alarm.

2) Carjack Protection

Imagine parking your car outside only and your car alarm system send you an alert that someone else is driving your car. Shocking, right?

However, this scenario can be stopped if your car alarm system has an anti-carjacking feature. Only the best car alarm systems feature it, and the quality differs from product to product.

The function of an anti-carjacking mode is to ensure that the individual who steals your car doesn’t get far with it. This feature kills the engine of the car.

Depending on the quality of the product, this anti-carjacking mode combines its engine-killing switches with alarms and lights.

Such that the car begins to blare high-pitched sounds that further prompts the car thief to abandon the car.

3) Car Alarm Prices

Always being asked is how much is a car alarm or which car alarm cost range should i get?

This is one factor that you have to thoroughly consider, the minute you decide to purchase a car alarm system. Do not just jump on the first car alarm system that matches your budget. 

That would be a very wrong decision. If you jump on the cheapest car alarm system on the market; the quality might be so low that it doesn’t even last a year.

At the same time, buying the highest priced car alarm system on the market offers no guarantee for the best quality.

While you consider the price tag of the model, also weigh that price against the features and specs of the product. This will ensure that you don’t end up spending a lot on a a car alarm system.

4) Remote System

Another important consideration is the remote system. Most of the best car alarm systems reviewed in this guide offer 2-way remotes.

This kind of remotes ensures that you have an easier time controlling your car and receiving input about the condition of the car.

Unlike the conventional 1-way remotes where you get no feedback if your given command has been performed, the 2-way systems provide excellent feedback. 

The car owner feedback either in a message notification or light form that the car has been turned on or off, the heating or air conditioning system has been turned on or even the radio activity.

So, your car alarm unit receives information from your remote, and it sends back information to the remote – 2-way car alarm.

5) Two-Way Paging System

With a two-way paging system, you no longer have to depend on just a car alarm sound or light flash to know when your car is being tampered with. It brings the information right to you.

Most of our reviewed automotive alarm & keyless system accessories include LCD modules which ensure that you have better and more illuminated visual feedbacks.

6) Encryptions

Today, car thieves are more sophisticated. Not all depend on the hotwiring or crowbar technique to steal cars. They now employ high-technology hacking systems to evade the digital security your car has in place.

However, you can prevent them from being successful with your car through a automobile alarms systems with high-end encryptions that are very hard to infiltrate.

One of such is the SuperCode encryption which is found in the Clifford 5906x car alarm unit. With such encryptions in place, it will be next to impossible to steal your car.

7) Car Alarm Installation Unit

Installing a car alarm unit is actually not an easy process. You will most likely have to read through manuals, instructions and even watch tutorial videos to know what panels and wiring you need.

This is why it is mostly advised that you purchase car alarm devices that are not too difficult to install or it will affect aftermarket car alarm installation.

If you have no idea whatsoever about fiddling with the wires and electrical system of your car, as it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a certified professional.

However, if you have some knowledge and you desire to DIY, you can do that as you follow instructions. However, car alarm DIY installations may affect the device’s warranty.

8) Remote Starts

Just like keyless entries which enable you to lock and unlock your car from the remote, remote starts are not that much of a security feature.

However, remote starts to add a considerable amount of convenience to your car alarm unit. With a remote start on your unit, you can easily adjust the interior temperature of your car.

You can make it either warm or cool some minutes before you get into your car.

This way if you are coming into your car from cold weather, you can expect to get warm in your car, and if it’s the other way around, you can get cool air in your vehicle.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the types of alarm systems for cars?

There are different types of automotive alarms systems. There are the audible alarm car systems which detect any disturbance to your car and triggers a loud noise. These are the basic car alarms. Then there are the passive and active systems and then the 2-way paging systems.

2. Will my auto alarm systems drain the battery of my car?

The simple answer to this question is, Yes. In various types of car alarms, it indeed drain the battery of your car.

However, you can control this by determining how many systems in your car are linked to the car alarm – horn, radio, lights, heating system, air conditioning system. And then you try reducing it.

By reducing the number of car components linked to the car security system, you reduce the power that the car alarm draws from the car battery.

However, if after doing this you still have issues, you have to consider the battery of your car when the car alarm is set off. This is because it is possible that your battery was not at full charge.

3. Should I do a DIY installation or hire a professional for my car alarm system?

The choice depends totally on you. Are you knowledgeable about the wiring and electrical systems of your car? 

Are you sure you can diligently follow the instructions on the product manual and other tutorials?

If the answers to all these questions are Yes, then you can risk a DIY installation. But you should also be aware that some models are so complicated that DIY installation is impossible.

While for these models, you better consider installing the vehicle alarm system unit only with a professional. Also, take into consideration that not all manufacturers support DIYs as the DIY installation can affect the warranty of the device. Look for car alarm installation near me to get a better installation on car security.

4. Can a car alarm unit shut down automatically?

The answer to this depends largely on make of the car alarm unit in question. Some alarm for car take sometime before they go off, while some only take some minutes. But for some, the car alarm never goes off on its own.


Getting a top car alarm system installed keeps your car secure and also offer other valuable features. It is an important asset and you don’t want to find it broken or stolen

We covered the best car alarm systems in the article to protect your car. It is interesting to know that you can get the best car alarm systems of your choice with advanced features and specs.

Our top pick in the review is the Python 5706P car alarm unit and it is also the best car alarm 2018 model. Not only it is equipped with all the best features, but it is also affordable.

It is a two-way paging system which means that communication between your car and the remote is reciprocal. Most importantly, the battery works for three months without needing a single charge.

The remote offers a range of 1-mile, which is quite excellent. You can unlock many other features with SmartStart compatibility. We rate Python 5706p car alarm security system 4.5 stars out of possible 5.

If you find this article helpful, then feel free to share it with others on our car alarm reviews. Besides, you can also let us know your views in the comments.

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