2 way remote start vs 1 way [How different for these two system?]

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The key-less remote ignition system is a relatively new concept that is designed to assist the driver in starting the car without actually getting physically to the car and turning on the engine. 

With this remote start system, drivers can enjoy a host of benefits including having the car warm itself without going to the car. There is also few other unit that can be found at best car alarm system section.

When buying, it is common to ask the differences between one-way and two-way remote car starter. Let’s explore the key differences, advantages and disadvantages of both systems. 

2 way remote start vs 1 way will deliver how both of this system work and function.

But first, here is how a remote car starter works.

A remote starter works differently from those used to activate and deactivate car alarm systems. The start remote works by sending a specific signal which is received by already installed equipment in the car.

Moreover, the message is generally encrypted to prevent anyone else from identifying and creating an identical signal to start a vehicle without authorization from the car’s owner.

The piece of installed equipment that receives the unique signal is the remote system itself.

It is a small box that is designed to switch on appropriate systems after receiving instructions from the user’ mobile remote control.

Consequently, the box connects to the ignition switch, as well as a host of other wires including the power starter and ground wire.

Despite the complexity, the wires are easily identifiable and can be found typically on the same spot in the car. Once a signal is received, all systems are switched on allowing the engine to start.

The system follows the given commands and perform actions like locking the door and turning on the AC and blinking the car’s lights for visual confirmation that all systems are working.

What about theft prevention?

Even though your car will be running unattended, this doesn’t come as an invitation for theft. 

This is a common misconception about remote starter systems. 

With the system installed in the car, there is a variety of feel safe devices that will prevent anything of the sort from happening. 

Even though the remote starter only locks some doors, but this doesn’t make it easy for car thieves.

For starters, since the car was switched on remotely, there is no key and it becomes impossible to shift gears. 

Moreover, when someone presses on the breaks without the car key on the ignition, the car automatically stuffs off the engine.

Furthermore, a tamper switch is placed in the hood of the vehicle, which automatically shuts off the engine if someone attempt to open the hood of the car. 

As a result, the remote starter system ensures the safety of the vehicle after it has been switched on via remote control.

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Difference between one-way and two-way remote starter

At this point, you should have a clear view of how remote starter systems operate. Let’s learn about the differences between One-way and Two-way remote starter systems.

2 way remote start vs 1 way

What does one-way remote start mean?

The one-way remote starter system has been used for quite some time now. The term “one-way” refers to one-side communication between the remote control and the car.

In fact, this technology comes in your keyless entry system by default.

However, the one-way remote starter has one drawback. Above all uses of one-way remote start, it can only send messages from the controller to the remote starter but doesn’t send messages from the remote starter to the controller.

As such, there is no way for the user to know if the system is working without visually assessing the car.

two-​way remote

What does two-way remote start mean?

On the contrary, the two-way remote start system doesn’t only send a command to the remote start but also carries a confirmation message from the remote starter to the control if the command was successful.

The two-way remote start system becomes particularly useful when the user wishes to warm up their car from the comfort of home.

Moreover, the user receives an instant confirmation when the car is warming up or cooling down.

This is the most significant selling point for the two-way remote start system.

Furthermore, the two-way keyless entry and remote start systems come into two types. On one side, there is the two-way LED system, which looks a lot like any standard remote key fob.

By using the two-way LED system when locking the car doors or using the remote start key to start the car’s engine, both a visual and audible confirmation is sent to the LED screen of the remote control when the command is executed successfully.

On the other hand, the two-way LCD system, just like the two-way LED system, provides confirmation on commands sent from the remote controller. 

Moreover, most two-way LCD systems provide additional information such as door lock status, run time, vehicle temperature, and much more.

Also, other two-way LCD systems will also provide the user with additional information regarding the safety of their car

For instance, if a security system is included with the two-way LCD remote start system, the user will receive messages such as alerts when the car alarm has been triggered.

How do you think off the difference in 2 way remote start vs 1 way ? Here is the final thoughts for your review.

Final thoughts

?1 - way or 2 - way?

If you are looking to purchase or install a new remote start system; there are some things to consider. Clearly, with the information provided above, the two-way remote start system has more advantages than one-way start system.

For instance, there is the fact that the two-way remote start system displays confirmation messages when the user’s commands execute successfully.

As a result, the safety of the user’s car enhances as the user gets information such as when the doors or the hood of the vehicle opens after a remote start command has been successful.

Also, the two-way system will alert the user when there is an error with the execution of a command.

Finally, the two-way remote provides the user with valuable information, something the one-way system does not. Clearly, the two-way system is a winner here.

Now you know that the two-way remote start system has an edge over the one-way system, you can make a better decision.

Now that you are aware about ​2 way remote start vs 1 way differences and how it can help to secure your car security, we hope you are able to get the right remote for your automobile.

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