Tips For Successfully Eating Vegan

Tips for successfully eating vegan

I thought it was time to let you know how my vegan adventure was going. As you may remember I am working to eat vegan 100 percent of the time for breakfast and lunch and as many dinners as I can with the goal of choosing vegetarian when not presented with an easy vegan option (i.e. eating out of the house).

I have found this to be easier in some situations and much harder than I thought in others. When I was in Iowa I early May for Climate Reality training my off site meals were virtually impossible to have vegan and very hard to be vegetarian. Being from NY I was surprised I thought they’d have one or two token veggie dishes at restaurants. Airports are also harder than I thought they would be especially the big ones like O’Hare!

I really want to tell you some of my tips on how to be successful in your transition… [Read more…]

Shh… Don’t Tell I Am Becoming A Vegan

VeganOk I am the title of this post may have been misleading I not becoming a full-time vegan, but I am committed to eating vegan at least two times a day and few nights a week. The impact on my health and the planet will be remarkable.

This decision is no small decision it will have an impact on how I eat all my lunches (my only meal where I am completely autonomous from my family. Breakfast will be tough because eggs have become a staple when I cut out bread and cereal. Dinner is the hardest because I eat with my family every night and it is already hard to meal plan with my crew. [Read more…]

Recipe: Slow Cooker Vegetarian Mexican Orzo

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Mexican OrzoThis is a great recipe that you can have cook all day or create faster in only a few hours with your slow cooker. I am a huge fan of mexican flavors in my vegetarian dishes and this year I am have been looking to mix up my vegetarian lunches with something warm… this bitter cold does not lend itself to nice green salads everyday.

While I made this recipe with some canned ingredients for those of you who like me try to avoid canned foods you can substitute the canned items with freshly prepared versions of the ingredients.

This recipe freezes well and can stay in the fridge for a few days. I find it best to put it in individual mason jars to have it ready to grab on my way out the door. [Read more…]

Meatless Monday: Quinoa, Bean, and Broccoli Bites

Picture 31Every month I get together with about 10 moms from my daughters daycare class to play dominos (the dads get together another night to play poker). When we started out we ordered food, but then about two months into it we decided to do a potluck and it stuck. Each month we sign up to bring something specific an appetizer, dessert, main dish…etc. The host coordinates everything and makes a main dish and special drink for the evening. We have a great time chatting, swapping books and just enjoying time with other ladies!

This past month we discussed having a healthy theme to our eating so I decided to create something new. I was inspired by a few recipes I read and these wildly popular and hard to get quinoa cakes that my son loves at Whole Foods freshly prepared section. I decided that since I have been so busy lately I had to kill two birds with one stone, make a healthy appetizer for the ladies and make a healthy main dish I can send to school for my son for lunch. [Read more…]

My Meat Consumption Is Ruining The Planet

VegetarianI have thought long and hard about what I am going to say in this post and have not discussed it with one person. I have decided to become a part-time vegetarian. Now before you accuse me of making up a term that is code for a cope out here me out.

Americans eat 12 ounces of meat per day. I am not sure if I eat that much but until recently I did not think that much about my meat consumption. I admittedly consume meat at breakfast on occasion, I love bacon and sausage a lot. I eat meat at lunch sometimes I get hamburgers from the fresh burger place around the corner. Other times for lunch I will get braised beef or meatballs with my veggies at my favorite local food restaurant.

Meat consumption has a huge effect on climate change. A 2006 UN report estimated that 18% of man-made green house gases came from meat consumption. A 2008 article in World Watch magazine estimated it might be as high as 50%! Regardless of the actual percentage reducing my meat consumption is basically a free and immediate change I can make to help reduce my personal CO2 emissions. [Read more…]