Tips For Successfully Eating Vegan

Tips for successfully eating vegan

I thought it was time to let you know how my vegan adventure was going. As you may remember I am working to eat vegan 100 percent of the time for breakfast and lunch and as many dinners as I can with the goal of choosing vegetarian when not presented with an easy vegan option (i.e. eating out of the house).

I have found this to be easier in some situations and much harder than I thought in others. When I was in Iowa I early May for Climate Reality training my off site meals were virtually impossible to have vegan and very hard to be vegetarian. Being from NY I was surprised I thought they’d have one or two token veggie dishes at restaurants. Airports are also harder than I thought they would be especially the big ones like O’Hare!

I really want to tell you some of my tips on how to be successful in your transition… [Read more…]

How To Throw A Green New Years Party

New years partyReady to ring in the New Year but you still have a bunch of garbage and recycling that has not been picked up from Christmas? Here are some tips on how to reduce your waste and throw a green New Years Party.

Ditch the red cups. Take out all your glasses including your wine, champagne and pint glasses. Put out your unused mason jars if you do not have enough glasses. Set up a table of all your mixed glassware everyone will pick what they want. People will think it is classy anyway.

Take out your fancy plates. Not everyone has fancy plates, if you are not married you might not have enough plates for every guest but if you can scrape together enough plates it will go a long way in reducing the waste. [Read more…]

Wild Mint Helping Me Get Ready For Zero Waste Lunches

What You Need For A Zero Waste LunchI have made about 1,275 out of the over 9000 lunches I will make in my two children’s lifetime. As a working mom sending my kids to daycare I have woken up early every day to make a fresh lunch for my kids since they started on solid food (even homemade baby food). I currently use the same containers I purchased when they were babies Lunchbots some of them are over five years old. But now I am faced with the fact that my oldest is going into a school setting and her lunch is not going to be refrigerated and heated up for her based on her needs and wants. This has forced me to re-evaluate our lunch supplies!

I strive for a completely waste free lunch. Stainless containers , stainless steel water bottles, bamboo forks/spoon, and cloth napkins also make their way into my kids lunch boxes. [Read more…]

7 Organizing Tips To Reduce Your Food Waste

7 Organizing Tips To Reduce Food WasteMany people do no think about food waste as an environmental issue but it is a serious one. As we continue to push our farms to the limit to produce huge amounts of food we need to use that food more effectively. I admit I waste food, it happens, I get lazy, I work late, forget to freeze something, or even get a last minute dinner invite. Organization is the key.

Last week I took on a huge project on of reorganizing my kitchen to reduce my food waste. It was a time consuming project in my small kitchen but it was worth it. [Read more…]

The Lunch Revolt: How I am Fighting Back

Lunch RevoltI loved the Chappelle Show when it was on and one of my favorite bits he did was “when keeping it real goes wrong.” As mom, who blogs about the environment and real food it is tough when yours kids completely revolted against everything you write about. My kids have not eaten most of their lunch this past week and I am completely baffled.

I have a picky eater and one that will try and eat anything. The picky eater is always a challenge but she generally eats her favorites in fact I find it frustrating making her almost the same or similar lunch everyday. My adventurous eater who eats a ton of food everyday decided he did not want to eat pretty much anything this week for lunch or dinner (my kids like me have ALWAYS loved breakfast). [Read more…]