Want To Meet Other Environmentalists? #ShiftCon

Shiftcon 2015

Have you ever wanted to go meet other people who share you passion for the environment but did not really know where to start? I have been writing about the environment, healthy living and other general interest pieces for over 8 years but I have never found an event of conference that really spoke to what I wanted to write about. I have attended many festivals that were focused on selling me green products but I have not found a great place to go to meet like minded people and get more tips and resources on healthy green living.

That all changed last year when I went to the first ever ShiftCon. It is always risky to go an event or conference the first year…who will be there, will be good, is the information valuable, will like minded people be there. I honestly went with some trepidation. I knew many of my virtual friend that I talk to more often than some of my close local friends were attending so I went in with the feeling if I got to spend a few days with them and got nothing else out of it that would be great. [Read more…]

What Is #Shiftcon?‏

ShiftconIf you were following me on social media this weekend you saw that I was tweeting and posting a lot with the hashtag #ShiftHappens and #Shiftcon. I was attending a conference in LA with about 200 other environmental and health/wellness writers. This conference was the first of its kind and I have to say I am so proud to have been a part of the inaugural group.

If you are an avid blog reader you have probably seen other bloggers attend conferences before and wondered what goes on there. For those of us who write about health and green topics we usually feel a little out-of-place at these conferences because the excess of items and vendors that are there pushing products we would not use so we probably would not recommend. This conference allowed us to meet with smaller brands that speak more to our mission.

I have to say this conference was way more than the brand connections it was about meeting with my fellow activists and passionate writers. Often times it is emotionally hard to write a blog on these topics we get attacked by conventional farmers for talking about GMO’s, the natural gas industry goes after you for talking about the environmental and health risks or fracking, and other times it is just average people who completely disagree with what you are writing about. This was a time for those of us who care about these issues to be re-energized by our work and share our stories. [Read more…]