Recipe: Honey Walnut Muffins

Recipe Honey Walnut MuffinsI am trying to create more healthy foods that my kids will eat so you are going to see some more recipes here of things I dream up and try on them. This week I thought I would try to make a healthy muffin that they might eat for breakfast. I wanted it to have no added sugar but obviously like everyone else my kids love sweets. This recipe is not overly sweet so if you are used to very sweet muffins you may want to tweak this recipe a bit. [Read more…]

Meatless Monday Recipe: Tabouli Salad

Meatless Monday Tabouli SaladWe all have favorite dishes our grandparents or other family members made. I have a few favorites from my childhood family get togethers. My grandmother made tabouli which was basically a parsley salad and is something I started seeing at speciality stores and Whole Foods a few year ago but it always bothered me how white it was, meaning it had more wheat in it than parsley. My grandmother always made it green with a hint of wheat. [Read more…]

Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup (Simple and Dairy-Free)

Butternut squash soupIt is that time of year where you want soup and you want butternut squash. One of my favorite soups is butternut squash soup. I created a recipe that does not require you have the one-kind-of-use kitchen gadget of an immersion blender. I have secretly wanted one so I could make this soup but am against single use kitchen gadgets since I only have 5 cabinets in my entire kitchen (but I have tons of windows)!!! I also wanted to make a soup that did not have dairy in it, I am dairy lover and can have it in anything but some of the people in my family who would like it do not so I wanted to create something tasty and dairy free. You can adapt this recipe easily to be vegan if you use veggie stock. [Read more…]

Recipe: Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes recipeIn an effort to have some easy to eat food for my kids when they wake up in the morning I have been experimenting with Buttermilk Pancakes for the last few Sundays. My kids wake up hungry, sometimes because they did not eat that much dinner the night before or they are just starving. Our mornings are pretty hectic (whose isn’t right). Getting dressed, making lunches, and getting out the door on time is complicated thing to do. I needed something to give my kids immediately that I was not making the minute before they woke up. Pancakes were the solution that everyone seemed to love.

Every Sunday I make a large batch of pancakes and keep them in the fridge (or freezer). Each morning right before my kids get up I put a few in the toaster oven to warm them up a little bit, they are not as good when they are right out of the fridge. I am lucky they will just eat them, they have never had maple syrup so they do not know the other ways they can eat it.

Here is the recipe that worked out to be the favorite in our house. [Read more…]

Reduce Food Waste Recipe: Chicken Broth

Food waste recipe chicken BrothMany of us roast whole chickens and sometimes we even buy pre-roasted chickens at the grocery store when we are busy. In an effort to get the most out of our food and reduce our food waste the best thing to do is make broth. It is much more simple than people think. You do not need buy cartons of broth you can make it yourself and freeze it.

Once you are finished with your chicken for dinner put it in a large pot and cover it with water (depending on how big your pot is and how large your chicken is will determine how much broth you can make). Add a diced onion, 3 chopped carrots, 2 chopped celery (optional, I do not always add celery), 2 clove of garlic chopped, dried or fresh parsley, and salt. Bring to a boil, then lower heat to low and let simmer for at least 3 hours. Since the chicken is already cooked you do not need to do it longer it is just to infuse flavor.

Once the broth is done simmering, take out a large mesh strainer and pour the brother through the strainer. You can go through what you have strained to collect good meat to put into a soup and you can also retrieve the carrots, celery, and onions to add to the soup. [Read more…]