Ask Leigh: Kraft Singles Nutritional Seal

Ask LeighSo I have been waiting to launch this series of Ask Leigh for about three months now but a friend emailed me asking me about the recent release of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics making Kraft Singles the first product officially endorsed by the group with the “Kids Eat Right” label… I decided this was the right time to launch.

My friend wanted to know what I thought… did it change my perception of the product? The short answer no way, but I will explain. Kraft Singles were not changed to receive this seal so that is my first issue with Kraft Singles 2% lists the ingredients on their website as: [Read more…]

How To Pick A CSA

How To Pick A CSATis the season to research CSA’s  (Community Supported Agriculture) but you need to be prepared to think about how you want to be part of a CSA. They are not all the same so you need to take a realistic look at what you are willing to do, what you want, and how much you need?

Can you help out? Many CSA’s have a community work approach where you will be required to help sort the deliveries, bag shares or even work on the farm providing manual labor. Think about your time and what you can contribute, if you work late most week nights you may not want to choose a CSA that requires weeknight work. Some CSA’s allow you to pay to opt out of the work requirement, they understand some people just do not have the interest or the time to be able to commit to the service. Be sure to be honest with yourself you do not want to get yourself stressed out over getting home to work your CSA shift, pick something that truly works for you. [Read more…]

Welcome To The New Year

2014 PostWhew, it seems like just yesterday the kids were going back to school. Now it is January and we are all ready to start new things and re-think our intentions from last year and think about what we want to do this year. That goes the same for this blog. I thought I would share with you my plan for this year.

I have had some many ideas in my mind in 2014 of plans for the blog but kept over-thinking what I should do, what you would like, and what new readers might be interest in that I got myself in an endless loop of questions and never executed what I wanted to do.

So here it goes here is the plan for year. Weekly I will have posts on the following topics: [Read more…]

Holiday Gift List For A Green Mom

Holiday Wish ListSo this is more than a gift list for a green mom it is the holiday wish list for THIS green mom. There will be too much on this list for my family to actually give me but I am not holding back, budget busters beware there are some dream items that no one would give me but if a family member wins the lottery between now and Christmas I want to make sure that they have some ideas handy.

Let me start off small…

Set of 4 section plates. I have wanted to get these plates from Uncommon Goods for years. I admit I ate tv dinners when I was a kid and always ate the brownie in the center small section first. I want to ditch all my kids melanin plates and just get these (they are past the throwing plates stage). While you are at it I would like this too. [Read more…]

How To Host Thanksgiving On A Budget

How To Host Thanksgiving On A BudgetDo not let the cost of hosting Thanksgiving get you down. The point of the holidays is to have fun with your friends and family. You can host an amazing Thanksgiving with out going into debt.

No Decorations. Sounds simple right but once you start planning for the Thanksgiving you think you need to have decorations. No one really notices. It is the easiest budget saver to just skip the gourds, paper turkeys, flower centerpiece and fabric banners. If you feel the need to have something have the kids trace their hands and make turkeys you can make into a garland or just hang them up around the house. [Read more…]