Want To Meet Other Environmentalists? #ShiftCon

Shiftcon 2015

Have you ever wanted to go meet other people who share you passion for the environment but did not really know where to start? I have been writing about the environment, healthy living and other general interest pieces for over 8 years but I have never found an event of conference that really spoke to what I wanted to write about. I have attended many festivals that were focused on selling me green products but I have not found a great place to go to meet like minded people and get more tips and resources on healthy green living.

That all changed last year when I went to the first ever ShiftCon. It is always risky to go an event or conference the first year…who will be there, will be good, is the information valuable, will like minded people be there. I honestly went with some trepidation. I knew many of my virtual friend that I talk to more often than some of my close local friends were attending so I went in with the feeling if I got to spend a few days with them and got nothing else out of it that would be great. [Read more…]

Why Was I In Iowa #climatereality

Why was I in IowaMany people have asked me why I was in Iowa earlier this month. I had an amazing opportunity to train with Al Gore and see his presentation up close and personal presented by him at Climate Reality training. Having Al Gore train you on his Inconvenient Truth slideshow is an amazing experience. He is, as you know from seeing the movie, an amazing presenter and speaker. He is engaging with the audience and keeps your attention the entire time even when he is presenting heavy science and bar graphs. I told my husband when I called him from the training that I am happy Al Gore is using these skills to talk about climate change because he could probably sell anything to anyone. I mean that in the most positive way, he makes a connection with his audience in a masterful way and makes detailed information easy to understand.

Who else was there with me? The training was amazing that the connections were also just as amazing.
I was there with millennial’s in high school and college. I was there with the original environmentalists who remember the first Earth Day. [Read more…]

What You Need To Know About Safe Sunscreen and Review Of GoddessGarden

s​afesunscreenIt was a long winter for many people in the country. Many of us were cooped up for a long time but now that the weather is nice we want to get outside and feel the sun on our face… not so fast you need to wear sunscreen, safe sunscreen. You should have been wearing it all winter to be honest but if you have not you really have to now. Goddess Garden is a favorite in our house because all of our different skin sensitivities.

Why is Goddess Garden our favorite sunscreen?

My daughter was our sunscreen guinea pig. I must have tried at least 10 different sunscreens on her in the first few years of her life. Some would not rub in easily, others felt greasy, and a few even irritated her skin (she has the least sensitive skin of the entire family!). Putting sunscreen in the morning everyday was an ordeal there were times where I was basically chasing her around the house. At the beginning of last summer I saw a huge display of Goddess Garden sunscreen and tried it, she said she liked it and every morning when and got it for me to put on her before school and camp! [Read more…]

Poor Air Quality and My Family: Why I Need To Speak Up #MamaSummitNJ

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.35.06 PMI remember the day my son was given a prescription for his inhaler, I thought he just had an infection. He had been coughing in the morning but otherwise seemed in good spirits. I got a call from school stating they thought he was sick and to come pick him up. As we were waiting for the doctor to come in and examine him I watched his chest go up and down rapidly. As soon as the doctor came in he just looked at him and said “he needs a nebulizer treatment right now. He is working too hard to breathe.”

My heart sank as an asthmatic myself I knew that this could be the first step down a path of lots of good days with no problems and some bad days where it is hard to just play outside. This day was a warm August day with high ozone (poor air quality) and it would be the first of many days that he may not get to play as hard as he wants to. [Read more…]

10 Of The Best Environmental Documentaries #EarthDay

10 Best Environmental Documentaries
When Earth Day falls in the middle of the week it is hard to “celebrate.” One of my favorite ways to honor Earth Day is to learn more and documentaries are a great way to do that. Here are some I recommend you check out.

An Inconvenient Truth. This is considered by some to be the documentary that inspired the climate change movement and others have argued it started the surge in documentary film making. Either way this [Read more…]