We Still Need Chemical Reform

We Still Need Chemical ReformHere we are almost a year after my trip to Washington DC with my daughter and other parents and children and nothing has changed. We still do not have any chemical reform and some of the legislation being discussed does very little to change the system.

Many people think that the government, specifically the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects us from dangerous chemicals. They actually do not! A law written before I was born is the only law that protects us from harmful chemicals. [Read more…]

Recipe: Honey Walnut Muffins

Recipe Honey Walnut MuffinsI am trying to create more healthy foods that my kids will eat so you are going to see some more recipes here of things I dream up and try on them. This week I thought I would try to make a healthy muffin that they might eat for breakfast. I wanted it to have no added sugar but obviously like everyone else my kids love sweets. This recipe is not overly sweet so if you are used to very sweet muffins you may want to tweak this recipe a bit. [Read more…]

Meatless Monday Recipe: Tabouli Salad

Meatless Monday Tabouli SaladWe all have favorite dishes our grandparents or other family members made. I have a few favorites from my childhood family get togethers. My grandmother made tabouli which was basically a parsley salad and is something I started seeing at speciality stores and Whole Foods a few year ago but it always bothered me how white it was, meaning it had more wheat in it than parsley. My grandmother always made it green with a hint of wheat. [Read more…]

Some Of My Favorite Posts And News This Week

share-button-360It has been a busy week of some great news and things that will improve our health and the planet. Here are some great posts I have read or shared around the web this week.

The biggest news of the week was the new food label!! The Obama Adminstration unvileved a proposed new label for all foods that is based on real serving size and tells you how much “added” sugar is in the product. A great step forward, now lets just add to that label if it has GMO’s!

If you are not a vegetarian, Nature Moms explains why pasture raised grass fed is the way to go.

[Read more…]

Meatless Monday: Quinoa, Bean, and Broccoli Bites

Picture 31Every month I get together with about 10 moms from my daughters daycare class to play dominos (the dads get together another night to play poker). When we started out we ordered food, but then about two months into it we decided to do a potluck and it stuck. Each month we sign up to bring something specific an appetizer, dessert, main dish…etc. The host coordinates everything and makes a main dish and special drink for the evening. We have a great time chatting, swapping books and just enjoying time with other ladies!

This past month we discussed having a healthy theme to our eating so I decided to create something new. I was inspired by a few recipes I read and these wildly popular and hard to get quinoa cakes that my son loves at Whole Foods freshly prepared section. I decided that since I have been so busy lately I had to kill two birds with one stone, make a healthy appetizer for the ladies and make a healthy main dish I can send to school for my son for lunch. [Read more…]