We Still Need Chemical Reform

We Still Need Chemical ReformHere we are almost a year after my trip to Washington DC with my daughter and other parents and children and nothing has changed. We still do not have any chemical reform and some of the legislation being discussed does very little to change the system.

Many people think that the government, specifically the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects us from dangerous chemicals. They actually do not! A law written before I was born is the only law that protects us from harmful chemicals. [Read more…]

Introducing My Editorial Assistant

Cutest Puppy in the worldOn Sunday’s I am going to try to share some interesting things about me or my life here… mostly my struggles to be green and to eat healthy.

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen my Editorial Assistant, my dog. Every night he snuggles up next to me or worse on me while I sit at my computer researching and writing. He is the best dog ever. Here are some things he wants you to know:

My PuppyNickname: ‘Pua

Age: 7 years old

Favorite food: Anything left in the high chair or given to him by his brother

Favorite topics to read about: Fracking and healthy eating [Read more…]

Pet Food… Better Choices

pictures-006.jpgJust about a year ago dogs were mysteriously getting sick. Many of the dogs died and I believe even more died than we think because it was an expensive test that was needed to diagnose illness from the chemicals in pet food.

My dog which is a large breed dog got sick and eventually refused the commerical dog food I was feeding him. I was feeding him a food that had the word “natural” in the title and was sold nationally at all pet stores. I decided to switch him to an organic dog food because I did not want him to be sick or die needlessly because of his food. I can get his food at any of my local pet stores.

In my research I found that the following chemicals are not recommended by some vets and other professionals to be in dog food:

  • Sodium Pentobarbital
  • BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)
  • BHT (butylated hydroxytolulene)
  • Ethoxyquin and Propylene Glycol
  • Lead
  • By-products

Since I changed my dog to organic dog food this has been the economic impact on me:

  • Cost of old food: $24 (20lb bag)
  • Cost of new food: $32 (20lb bag)
  • Total increase for year: $112
  • Cost of one vet visit when he was sick: $221

Many online retailers will sell you fantastic organic dog food by mail. I do not recommend this because organic food has less of shelf life and the environmental impact of you having the food delivered would be pretty terrible. You will also pay a ton to ship a 40lb bag of food to your house.

Support your local pet store and get your food from them… if they do not carry what you want I am willing to bet they will order it for you.

Remember always talk to your vet about changing food and change it slowly by mixing small amounts of the new food with the old food with every meal until the transition is complete.