We Still Need Chemical Reform

We Still Need Chemical ReformHere we are almost a year after my trip to Washington DC with my daughter and other parents and children and nothing has changed. We still do not have any chemical reform and some of the legislation being discussed does very little to change the system.

Many people think that the government, specifically the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects us from dangerous chemicals. They actually do not! A law written before I was born is the only law that protects us from harmful chemicals. [Read more…]

9 Ways To Not Go Broke At Whole Foods

9 Ways To Not Go Broke At Whole FoodsWe all want to eat healthier, real, organic food. Whole Foods Market has bad rep in my opinion for being expensive. Many times Whole Foods is the only viable option for consumers who want to eat an organic diet (or mostly organic). They provide their workers with a good wage and benefits as well as being part of their local community. The motto of a “whole paycheck” we here so often is possible but I think that is true of any store, you can go nuts shopping anywhere!  There are plenty of ways to save money while shopping at Whole Foods here are my 9 money saving tips.

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The Everything Guide To Recycling

recyclingToday is Recycling Day! Here are all my tip, tricks, facts, and other information you would need about recycling.

Some facts:

*Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 20 hours, a computer for 3 hours, or a TV for 2 hours. (EPA, 2008)

*Over 73% of all newspapers are recovered for recycling. Almost a third goes back into making more newsprint. The remainder is used to make paperboard, tissue, and insulation, or exported. (Keep America Beautiful, 2006)

*Recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum from raw materials. Energy saved from recycling one ton of aluminum is equal to the amount of electricity the average home uses over 10 years. (Keep America Beautiful, 2006)

*Americans use 100 million tin and steel cans every day. [Read more…]

Amazing Book Bundle For Less Than $30

Ebook adA few months ago I purchased my first ebook bundle and I was sorry I had not done it sooner. I loved the mix of recipes, green living advice and healthy living topics all put together for me. If I had to find all of these books on their own it would take me hours. Some of the best writers out there have put out books on topics that are near and dear to me (and I think you too since you are here).

What I also liked about the bundle model of purchasing books is it is practically free. At the low price of $29.97 for the whole bundle, if there are three books in the 87 book bundle you would have purchased individually the bundle is the worth buying. There is also a ton of free products included in this bundle that also make you want to download it immediately. My favorite products that comes in this bundle is from List Planet and Plan To Eat, I have wanted to try both and this a great opportunity for me to take them on a test run (see the details below).

Finally, if you want to get one for a friend you can get 50% your purchase! You can download all the way till April 15, 2014 so if you want to give it as a holiday or birthday gift you can purchase it now and then give them the code on the big day. [Read more…]

Introduction to Baby Food Making

Baby Food MakingWhile my son has outgrown baby food I think it is one of the most important things a parent can do to create healthy eating habits for their children. We have to feed children for about the next 18+ years there is no reason why we should take the easy way out to feed them when they are forming their tastes for food.

Is it time-consuming? My answer is NO, it does take time to make batches of food but most baby food I made was in batches and made several servings. Setting aside some time on the weekend on a little bit every day of the week will get you more than a weeks worth of servings.

Is it expensive? Absolutely not, you can buy fresh, organic ingredients and make several servings of fresh food for less than the $1.25 to $2.49 the organic baby food costs per serving. [Read more…]