We Still Need Chemical Reform

We Still Need Chemical ReformHere we are almost a year after my trip to Washington DC with my daughter and other parents and children and nothing has changed. We still do not have any chemical reform and some of the legislation being discussed does very little to change the system.

Many people think that the government, specifically the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects us from dangerous chemicals. They actually do not! A law written before I was born is the only law that protects us from harmful chemicals. [Read more…]

Green Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Moms day Collage 1I do not have to tell you that Mom’s are very important people. Moms are the super market shopper, chef, boggy wiper, boo boo kisser…etc. Every Mom wants to go green and be healthy every Mom wants to see the planet cleaner and nicer for their kids and grandkids.

Think about what kind of Mom she is what does she like to do when she is not being the best Mom ever and get her something that will really like and use!

There are so many ways to show Mom that you love her that are also environmentally friendly. I separated them into categories to make it easy to see what kind of things your Mom might like. [Read more…]

My Dream Garden

This is the plan of the garden I want to plant. I will write a separate post about how I am going to plant the garden and where I will find my heirloom organic plants (fingers crossed).

Dream Garden

What do you plant in your garden?

How To Find A Local CSA or Farmers Market

Farmers Market

As we all try to eat local and organic our need for farmers markets and CSA’s has grown (pun intended).¬†Finding a farmers market or CSA (community supported agriculture) is much harder than you would think. I personally know of at least two farmers markets in a 5 mile radius from my home but you cannot find out about them through any one central source. I found out about both of them through word of mouth. [Read more…]

How To Plant A Tree

Trees Green4uAs spring starts to really roll out around the United States many people are thinking about planting new trees. It is best to plant a tree when the temperatures are not extremely hot or cold. It is also best to plant a time where there are not extreme temperature changes during the day.

Rainfall is also important for a newly planted tree make sure that you plant your tree at time where the roots can remain wet during the time it needs to set. Generally speaking spring and fall are the best times to plant a tree in the northern portion of the US areas in the Southern US that do not have extremely cold winters could plant potentially during the winter months.


[Read more…]