Summer and Being Green

Summer and Being GreenSometimes you are able to stick to what you believe in and sometimes you don’t. These last few weeks have not allowed me to stick to my vegan commitment or my workout commitment. I blame summer… ok maybe I should blame myself but really summer has not allowed me to stay committed.

When did it start? Vacation… where it starts for most people in the summer. I had a fantastic week off with my family and my husbands entire immediately family. Tons of little kids and great beach weather. You could argue I got excersize carrying children over hot sand dunes but the reality is I did not get the right amount of physical activity that I should have. I layer around as much as I humanly could which is more than I have since my daughter was born over 6 years ago.

The food is where I really could not keep it together. There was meat and eggs everywhere. Almost every breakfast had a breakfast meat. Even I made a non vegan breakfast… buttermilk pancakes from scratch. I rationalized that in my head because my kids love my pancakes and I figured that would make everyone else happy too. Then lunchtime came and it was sandwiches everyday. I used to be deli meat fanatic, it was the thing I missed the most when I was pregnant with my oldest and by the time my second was born I did not miss it at all. Now it kinda grosses me out. I had one sandwich and remembered it really was not worth it. Dinner…. meat, seafood, repeat. Burgers, ribs (another famous recipe of mine), swordfish, salmon, crab cakes (which I ate instead of swordfish). This was everyone vacation and everyone was loving everything about it even me. I would have liked to have eaten better but I was also not motivated.

No one to blame but myself about falling of the vegan wagon. I was staying in a house I could have loaded up on vegan food and feed myself differently. I could have made food that everyone would have liked that did not happen to have cheese, meat…etc. Not every meal was non-vegan either but I ate a lot more of the not so good stuff.

chris farley

So you would think “hey she got back from vacation and got back on track” NOPE! Not even close, I have had two BLT’s for lunch in the last three weeks! I mean a BLT really?! It did have avocado on it though.

But I am not quitting. I did this for the planet, my health and for the animals who suffer giving us meat, eggs and dairy. So I just have to get myself back together, dig up some new recipes and get back in the saddle.

Renewing my commitment of:

  • Going to the gym 3 times a week
  • Eating vegan for breakfast and lunch every day
  • Eating vegan for dinner as much as possible and vegetarian if my options are limited.

I guess if I tell you you can keep my honest.

What did you say you were going to do this summer but fell a little short on?

Check out my social media tonight because I have a huge announcement I am getting something I have wanted for years… green bucket list!!