Want To Meet Other Environmentalists? #ShiftCon

Shiftcon 2015

Have you ever wanted to go meet other people who share you passion for the environment but did not really know where to start? I have been writing about the environment, healthy living and other general interest pieces for over 8 years but I have never found an event of conference that really spoke to what I wanted to write about. I have attended many festivals that were focused on selling me green products but I have not found a great place to go to meet like minded people and get more tips and resources on healthy green living.

That all changed last year when I went to the first ever ShiftCon. It is always risky to go an event or conference the first year…who will be there, will be good, is the information valuable, will like minded people be there. I honestly went with some trepidation. I knew many of my virtual friend that I talk to more often than some of my close local friends were attending so I went in with the feeling if I got to spend a few days with them and got nothing else out of it that would be great.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when I attended ShiftCon that not only did I get to see my friends but I got so much more out of it.

I learned new things. There were many session that focused on issues and topics that mattered to me. I listened to a small organic farmer talk about what is really like to be a farmer. What the issues are for small farmers and large “conventional” farmers. It really opened my eyes on the issue in many ways.

I tried new things. Raw milk was illegal in my state (until the week I was at the conference!) so I got to try raw milk and discuss the issues with a farmer and raw milk advocate. I also got a to try kombuchu something that simply did not appeal to me in looking at people making it on line but I got to try 5 different kinds and I realized it was not all bad.

I met new people. Seems cliche to say I met new people at conference… who doesn’t right. I met tons of people that I still stay in touch with and learned a lot from. I am not just talking about writers, I met farmers, activists, scientists, mothers, and business leaders.

I got free stuff I would use. Sounds awful, I am not that into “stuff” but I have attended tons of conference green and otherwise and all the crap you get there is just that crap. I left this conference with the real natural (I know that does not mean anything but I think you get my meaning here) items that I would use. It was nice to see a bag filled with things that I would actually use.

So come and join me this year and meet some of the really great people who are working to make this world a better place and give you the tools to help. Get your tickets here