Why Was I In Iowa #climatereality

Why was I in IowaMany people have asked me why I was in Iowa earlier this month. I had an amazing opportunity to train with Al Gore and see his presentation up close and personal presented by him at Climate Reality training. Having Al Gore train you on his Inconvenient Truth slideshow is an amazing experience. He is, as you know from seeing the movie, an amazing presenter and speaker. He is engaging with the audience and keeps your attention the entire time even when he is presenting heavy science and bar graphs. I told my husband when I called him from the training that I am happy Al Gore is using these skills to talk about climate change because he could probably sell anything to anyone. I mean that in the most positive way, he makes a connection with his audience in a masterful way and makes detailed information easy to understand.

Who else was there with me? The training was amazing that the connections were also just as amazing.
I was there with millennial’s in high school and college. I was there with the original environmentalists who remember the first Earth Day.

tweetI was there with TV stars (Calum Worthy from Austin and Ally), YouTube sensations (Finn Harries from Jacks Gap), explorers (David Thoreson), business men and women, scientists, elected officials and every day citizens from around the world.

They were over 350 people from 19 countries and Iowa will with me. I’m already Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections with so many of them.

Every single one of us agreed climate change is the single biggest threat in our lifetime. It’s nice to be in company with so many like-minded individuals… which is not something all of us have an opportunity to do in our everyday life.

So what was Al Gore like?

He was engaging, interesting and knowledgable as you would expect. He was present for the entire training and seemed genuinely connected with the participants.

If you want to read more about my thoughts about Al Gore and how he surprised me check out my post on Climate Reality’s blog.

Gore Blue DotHow can you attend a Climate Reality Training?

The application process to attend a Climate Reality training is actually quite easy. You need to tell a little bit about yourself and commit to 10 actions you will would take after training. Actions can be anything that you feel comfortable with, if you like to write then write a letter to your congressman or your governor. If you preferred to talk to kids go to a school and make presentations to teach kids about extreme weather and how that relates to climate change. However you feel you can make a difference is what they want to hear in your application.

What I love the most about the training was how it prepared you to use the information that you received.  Many of us there knew some of the science, seen the movie, or read about climate change in publications but many of us are stepping out of your comfort zone to bring this to the forefront of our communities and our network. The final day of Climate Reality training is dedicated to preparing you to create your story and how you’re going to feel comfortable talking about climate change to the people you want to speak to. This valuable training is worthwhile for everyone, even people who have been speaking and writing for years.

If you want to apply for climate reality training click here. There’s training this summer in Canada and in Miami in September. Ironically the Miami training is during the highest tide of the year so pack your rain boots for when the sewers overflow… imagine what sea level rise will do!

If you think you want to learn more about climate change and take an active role educating others I encourage you to apply. There is no fee to attend when you are accepted but your do need to pay for your hotel room and transportation to the location of the training. In my opinion it is a valuable way to spend your money if you are looking to make a change.