12 Great Road Trip Apps

Apps For Road TripsIt is holiday time and everyone is heading out on the road. With our smart phones and tablets the drive does not have be boring for you or the kids. Here are some of my favorite apps to help make the ride go faster, smarter, and more fun.

Waze: great app for up to date traffic information and even where the cops have speed traps. Huge battery drain only use it if you can be plugged in.

Gas Buddy: Tells you where the gas stations are and their prices

Food Spotting: Tells you where the real foodie places are… sounds like a trendy Yelp

Four Square: Lots of people swear by it when road tripping even though it is kind of a thing of the past. It is a great way to see what is around you especially if the kids need a break.

Roadside America: Tells you all the quirky things that are off the beaten path along the way

Trapster: Another app that will tell you where all the cops are, red light cameras…etc.

Road Trippers: An app that allows you to enter your destination and types of things you want to see along the way and it will tell you what is along your route

Sit or Squat: I have never used this one but it basically tells you which bathrooms have baby-changing stations or require you to buy something to use their facilities. The best piece of advice a friend ever gave us was to stop at hotels to use the bathroom in the lobby they are always the cleanest and the best.

Spotify: Everyone swears by it, if you want something different than Pandora, Itunes…etc.

Postagram: Cool app that lets you take pictures and instantly send them as actual postcards to people. It is more expensive than a regular post card $.99 but you can write a message and it can take addresses from your phone. Super easy, my nieces have sent me postcards from it.

Project Noah: If they kids are into science stuff it is a cool app that shows what people have seen in the area and you can add pictures of things you see when you stop too.

TV Food Maps: If you are into the Food Network it tells you where are all the restaurant are from their shows and other famous restaurants.

What are some of your favorite apps?