Profile Of A Green Mom

Profile of a Green Mom There are lots of kinds of moms out there, even the green ones are different from one another. This is my take on green moms, mostly from looking in the mirror.

Hair: Pulled back in ponytail because I am just starting the “no poo” method or I actually was interrupted in the shower by two kids screaming “Mommy Mommy Mommy” with a faint Daddy like voice in the distance saying “leave your Mom alone let her take a shower.”

Face: Clean with a chemical free wash and moisturized with paraben and phalate-free cream. No make-up because I am all natural, not because I have not had time to put on makeup since my water broke almost 5 years ago.

Teeth: Brushed with a natural bristle toothbrush and Tom’s of Maine toothpaste that only makes you gag slightly as your children bang on the bathroom door screaming they want to brush their teeth too even though you were begging them to do it 10 minutes ago (you know before you got into the shower)

Clothes: organic t-shirt and “vintage” jeans (actually jeans you have had for 8 years that you are so excited you can zip up after having two kids)

Car: You want it to be Prius but it is not so you drive around town in your gas car dreaming of the electric car that will carry you, your kids, the dog, the kids friends, the groceries, dance clothes, hockey bag, double stroller and whatever else it is that you need without ruining the planet.

Purse: Doubles as a diaper bag and contains at least two stainless steel sippy cups, a water bottle for me, a stainless steel tin full of organic snacks, probably at least one cloth diaper and wet bag for a dirty one, a few wooden toys to keep the youngest happy at any given moment at the oldest kids class. There is also crumbs, Whole Food receipts, the Trader Joes ticket you never filled out for bringing your own bags, and a piece of candy some stranger offered to your kid that you did not want them to have but put in your bag “for later” to avoid the “let your kid live speech.” Oh I almost forgot membership card in the Organic Elite Green Mom Mafia, we all have one right?

Exercise routine: Wanting to go to yoga daily, actually begging to go the gym once a week and really thinking that 100’s of trips up and down the stairs while the kids stall going to bed is your exercise.

Diet: Making recipes from the countless Pinterest boards I have called “healthy smoothies,” “healthy food,” “picky eater ideas,” and other culinary masterpieces. The dirty secret is I spend a ton of money at Whole Foods at the deli counter getting all those yummy meals pre-made because I had to take one kid to soccer practice and another to dance and I got home and the kids were starving.

Spouse: Frequently asks “is this another one of these green things you’re doing” or “I actually do not like kale, can we have french fries tonight.” One of my personal favorites, “Why are you crying it was only 4 ounces of breast milk.”

No matter what kind of mom you are, green or not, you can probably identify with some of this right? Oh and by the way you are doing a great job because no matter what kind of Mom you are I am sure you do not hear that enough.

What did I forget?


  1. Too funny. But so true!

    I like what’s in your purse. I’d add a folded reusable bag you upcycled from bed sheet for those absent minded times when you forget to bring them out of your trunk to my purse.

    Keep dreaming about a day when your kids go off to college, demanding a Prius for them while they criticize YOU for being “an energy hog.” And tells you “You should drive a Prius!”…because you taught them so well as a green mom.

    I’m patting all of us on the back We are doing a great job!
    ecokaren recently posted…Meatless Monday: Mini Cornbread Pie CupsMy Profile

  2. Ha! This is great Leigh. As Karen said, hopefully it will all come full circle someday. My kids are still a bit resistant, but they’re starting to understand why I do the things I do. No more sippy cups and diapers for me. My bag is filled with my favorite non-toxic lipsticks, reusable bags and triclosan free hand sanitizer!
    Lori Popkewitz Alper recently posted…The Problem with Pesticides in Our YardsMy Profile

  3. I love this! Very clever. I’m off to share it!
    Donna @ Eco-Mothering recently posted…Infographic: Benefits of BabywearingMy Profile

  4. This is so funny! I’m not a mom, but can still relate to many of these things. Luckily my boyfriend is super supportive of my “latest green” thing I try!
    Lindsay recently posted…Practicing yoga after a caesarean sectionMy Profile

  5. This is all SO true!! It’s hilarious how much we are all so alike!!

  6. oh yes! You totally hit the nail on the head…especially the pony tail and no makeup look…I haven’t had time in 16 years to do anything remotely like that on a regular basis :)
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  7. I like — so you can avoid the “let your kid live” speech. And the comments from the spouse. So much we can all relate to. Just doing the best we can with the planet in mind…
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  8. So funny. It goes on! Now I have son-in-laws who say, Spinach? I don’t like spinach.” My husband is still resisting. He’s forgotten the comment he made about breast feeding (“You’re leaking again. Maybe you should quit.”) And that he said I shouldn’t get a Prius because the parts would be too expensive to replace. I had a garage full of paper and plastic and bottles 35 years ago when we moved to a town that wasn’t into recycling yet. My friends thought I was bananas. Now everyone recycles. I still have short hair because the grandchildren are coming over, I’m slower than I used to be and I have to choose between hair, makeup (what’s that?) and laundry. My adult kids are all green! Hang in there.