12 Ways To Save Money And Go Green

12 Ways To Save Money And Go GreenEvery year around Earth Day we all think about different ways we can help the planet and go green. People really want to save money too! Here are some tips on how to make green changes that will also help your wallet.

Use cloth napkins. I have personally gone 16 months without purchasing paper napkins, it is not hard. You can go super green and make them out of old table cloths that have stains on them or use small dish towels.

Use old t-shirts as rags. Stop using paper towels as much as you can. Every roll you do not buy will save.

Shorter showers. Save money on your utility bill and your water bill. It is that simple.

Wash your dishes in the dishwasher when the dishwasher is full and do not rinse with water. Rinsing does not do anything but waste water. Scrap your dishes into the garbage but beyond that you have done your part.

Make your own cleaning products. American can spend anywhere from $5-20 per month on cleaning products. If you make your own using the recipes listed here you will save almost the entire amount ($4-$19 savings)

Grow more of your own food. Not everything, that is not possible for most people, but plant lettuce, herbs, veggies (especially squash, they are easy to grow and can be the base for a whole meal).

Eat less meat. Meat is expensive and as we know destructive to the environment so make more vegetarian meals.

Have your friends over to your house for dinner. You can make the entire dinner or make it potluck. It you have a good set of friends you can rotate house each week. It saves money from going to a bar or the movies.

Walk more It sounds easy but really if you use your car less you are using less gas and not abusing your car saving you lots of money. You also get the added benefit of exercise. If you cannot completely cut out using your car.  Most of us cannot give up driving completely but group your activities together so that you can run and do them all at once.

Use the library. It is such an amazing money saver to use the library. If you take out even two books you would have considered buying you will save at least $35 per year. Each book is at least $17 so each book you take out saves you more and more. Some library’s also rent movies for free and you can read your favorite magazines while you are there!!

Buy a water bottle. I prefer glass and stainless steel bottles, they are easy to take with you everywhere and saves you from having to purchase a drink when you grab a meal to go or just save you from purchasing water because you are thirtsy. Once you get used to carrying it around you will save a lot of money.

Hang your clothes to dry. If you do not use your dryer you do not use electricity or gas (depending on your dryer)!

What other tips did I miss that save you money and are green?


  1. Love a rotating potluck idea! We usually have pot lucks and a game night :)
    Kara @ ALLterNATIVElearning recently posted…Natural Pesticides for Organic GardeningMy Profile

    • Kara- my friends and I get together once a month and do a potluck and play dominos we have a great time!! I highly recommend it for a ladies night out!

  2. I do a lot of these but I love the potluck idea. Entertaining can be really expensive but the important thing is just spending time together!

  3. Good tips. Thanks for sharing! I’m pinning for later :)

  4. I love my library. But to be honest, I’ve been getting a lot of FREE kindle books for my iPad so that’s been my go to reader. Great list Leigh!
    ecokaren recently posted…10 Common Toxic Chemicals in Products To Avoid – Part 2My Profile

    • Karen we all love our free kindle books but sometimes we want to read a best seller or something from our favorite author and the library is a great way to do that. I also swap books with my friends sometimes too.

  5. Great tips! I love how going green actually saves money! Another tip is to use all your food before buying more. People waste so much food (money) by not using up food and letting it go to waste.
    Brittany @ The Pistachio Project recently posted…25 Unique Ways to use Baking SodaMy Profile

  6. We do all of those, except we really need to keep the house a bit cleaner in order to have friends over for dinner more often.
    Joanthan (EcoDad) recently posted…Children’s Earth Day PledgesMy Profile

    • I understand EcoDad, it seems like we spend so much time cleaning and not as much time with everyone and it is messy again when everyone leaves!

  7. I really have to get on the ball with creating my own cleaning products! Organic ones are so expensive.
    Gina B recently posted…14 Reasons Every Child Should Eat Organic FoodsMy Profile

  8. We also save a lot of money making our own body and skin care products! It is so easy, fun, and frugal that its something everyone should learn to do. Also, garden. People can grow food in pots in window sills to save extra money even if they don’t have a yard.
    Amanda recently posted…How to Plant a Bee Friendly Garden with KidsMy Profile

  9. Great tips! I started eating less meat just to be more healthy but I was pleasantly surprised how much money we saved by have a few veggie nights a week
    Roechelle recently posted…Happy Arbor Day – 5 of the World’s Most Beautiful TreesMy Profile

  10. These are great tips! We (as a family) have been making a concerted effort to go greener. We’ve planted a garden, host neighborhood potluck dinners every Sunday, recycle all of our paper at my daughter’s school, use reusable shopping bags, and reduce our daily waste. We’ve also started shopping with Melaleuca, which is an online store that sells all-natural, non-toxic products. They sell household cleaners, toothpaste, body wash, deoderant, vitamins etc. All of it is toxin free. We love it! It’s better for us, better for the environment, and better for our budget. We are doing our best to keep the Earth green! :)
    Nancy Kollman recently posted…“Green” Bug RepellentMy Profile