Interview With A Green Writer: Hilary from Accidentally Green (@accidentallygrn)

Accidentally Green InterviewI am so excited to share with you my interview with Hilary Kimes Bernstein the author of two eBooks, First Bites: How To Instill Healthy Eating Habits During Your Baby’s First Year, and Accidentally Green: How and Why One Family Began Making Healthy Changes That Honor God and Help the Environment. I share the same interest in healthy eating at young age as Hilary does and that is how I first came to discover her. She also has the most organized Pinterest boards around with great topics I guarantee you all will love.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2011, after I became a stay-at-home mom. As a journalist, I was shocked to learn that I had unknowingly made unhealthy choices for most of my life. After doing a lot of research, I began making safer choices seven years ago; the more I changed my life to honor God and benefit my health, I became greener and greener – quite accidentally. I began writing Accidentally Green as a way to educate and encourage others to make informed and healthy decisions.

Biggest worry for the environment?

My biggest worry for the environment is fracking.

Biggest worry for peoples health?

My biggest worry for people’s health is unregulated and untested ingredients in personal care products and cleaning products in the U.S. It just doesn’t make sense that people can purchase harmful products without any warning. Until these products are tested for safety – and the toxic ingredients are banned – consumers need to be aware and make informed product choices.

Favorite green life hack/shortcut/product?

After attempting dozens of green and homemade cleaning products over the past seven years, I am so glad I found Norwex cleaning cloths. I love how Norwex cleans everything in my home quickly and effectively – and all I have to use is their microfiber and tap water.

Green thing you just cannot do?

Family cloth.

Favorite post? Most Popular post?

Favorite: I’m Not Pinterest Perfect

Most Popular: My Love/Hate Relationship with Castile Soap

Favorite social media and why?

Pinterest. I love getting all kinds of ideas, I love how it’s so visual, and I love the ability to sort and catalog pins.

Favorite book, TV show, and or movie of all time? (feel free to give all three and why if you want)

My favorite book of all time is the Bible. Its truth guides me every day.

My favorite TV show for the moment is Downton Abbey because I love how it shows the lives of so many different classes during a certain period of history.

My favorite movie of all time is Girls Just Want to Have Fun because it reminds me of my best friend and our awkward yet fun adolescence.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

Because I loved to read and write books, I hoped I would be a writer when I grew up.

With the swipe of a magic wand you could solve or eliminate something what would it be?


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  1. Interesting questions and answers. It was fun to learn more about Hilary. Her ebooks sound great.