5 Things To Do To Be Green This Holiday Season

5 Things To Do To Be Green This Holiday Season

As we rush around this holiday season going from party to party, mall to mall, and every other thing that comes with the holiday season we can have a real impact on the planet. Here are 5 things you can do to stay green while enjoying the holidays.

Bring your own bags. Reusable bags are not just for the grocery store, you can use them everywhere. Make sure you have your bags with when you go to mall and your local stores. If you can keep some in your purse or the pocket of your winter coat. I also always recommend that you leave some in your car too so you always have enough.

Car pool for shopping. I always enjoy going shopping with friends and my sister and carpooling is a great way to save gas and the CO2 emissions.

Combine trips so you drive less. While you are at it with the carpooling with your friends make sure you stop at all the places you need to get gifts so you do not need to make multiple trips out to shop. Plan out what stores you want purchase your gifts at and see how you can get to them all in one day out.

Shops at less online stores. Every package that arrives on your doorstep was driven there so if you can minimize the number of things that are delivered the better. If you can purchase more from amazon.com in one order (from Amazon directly) you may get them in one box. Amazon is just one example, if you have a store you want to purchase many items at make sure you purchase them all in the same shopping “trip.” There is also a very small chance that if you shop on the same day at multiple online retailers your packages could end up on the same delivery truck from a hub near your house saving an extra truck trip to your house.

Eat less meat and eat organic.¬†Food is just as central to this time of year as shopping. Make sure you are eating just as healthy as you do the rest of the year. If you are going to be at a party at a friend’s house who is amazing cook and you are not going to have will power, eat healthier in the days leading up to the party and exercise more than usual. You can enjoy yourself during the holiday season without giving up everything you do the rest of the year.

How to do you stay green during the holidays? 



  1. We always do ONE shopping trip, when our kids are at respite, so that saves a lot. As we’ve gotten older, our shopping list has dwindled, so it’s easy now. And we always eat clean :)

  2. All great tips! I would have never thought of carpooling for shopping. We are making most of our own gifts this year, but what we are buying, we get online.

  3. Good tips! I was focused on greening my decorations and gift wrapping. I hadn’t thought of greening my shopping.

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