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Lets face it men can be hard to shop for. Some men go out and buy what they want, others want such big-ticket items there is almost nothing normal you can think to buy them. There are tons of great gifts for men out there and they are not hard to find. Here are a few of my favorite for this year.

Art Of Shaving Razor: I am not in the mustache or facial hair craze, I prefer a clean-shaven man so I think it is essential for a man to have a great razor for a good shave. The Art of Shaving has the best razor set for men and helps keep plastic out of the landfill. By purchasing a reusable razor you save tons of plastic from clogging up our oceans and landfills. There are razors you can buy that fit with razors you can purchase at your local drugstore making it easy to own.

Missence: To go along with the razor set you can get Missence Shaving Gel which is different than your typical shaving cream because it is a light, lubricating gel formulated with organic aloe vera for sensitive or irritated skin. Provides good razor-slip for a close, smooth shave with organic sunflower seed oil and xanthan gel. Organic emollients protect against razor-burn, nicks and cuts whilst softening and soothing the skin. You can complement this with a Missence Organic Aftershave Balm, contact my friend Erin Ely and she will help you pick out more great products for men.

pick_punchGuitar Pick Punch: My niece got this for my husband two years ago and we love them. It is one of the best gifts you can get the musical man in your life. My husband has saved hotel room cards from fun trips and old credit cards to make into new picks. It helps keep plastic out the landfill and gives them a reuse.

Solar Charger: This solar charger can charge any of your devices because you can connect it with a USB plug. It even comes with suction cups so you can charge your phone while you are in the car.

Bike Care Kit: This inexpensive gift is a great grab bag gift or a stocking stuffer for the bike enthusiast in your life. This four pack of travel-sized stainless Steel, chrome and tin polish, wash and wax, sprocket and gear oil and natural insect and bug repellent.

chillsnerChillsner: The Chillsner’s ingenious design allows you to drink and chill simultaneously, so your beer, soda, or juice will stay crisp and delicious to the final sip.

Spicy Salts: Guys love spicy food, it must be some sort of testosterone thing (I do not get it). But if you want to get the man in your life something other than another set of the hot sauce mix it up with this set of Gourmet Chile Sea Salt Set.

Custom Puzzle: Enter the address for the place you want the google map puzzle to made from… be creative do not do your home address. Did he live at cool house in college he still talks about, does he miss his childhood home, his first office building, favorite park, first place he played ice hockey… make it fun.

cell-phone-lenses-2d14_600Lenses for your phone: Your aspiring photographer, does your husband always take picture on his iPhone or Android. Is he always looking for the perfect shot? Here is the perfect gift for him a set of lenses for his phone!! They have a fisheye, telephoto, polarizeer, superfisheye, and wide/macro or you can get the whole set!

How To Books: Even the most awesome Dad may not know how to do everything so here are two great books to get a new Dad so he is ready to impress his kids (and the kids in the neighborhood). Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff and Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects are two of the best books to make Dad a hero!

Earthing Universal Mat: This may be a gift more for you or their signficant other but this mat is something real naturalists are starting to swear by to help you sleep better, lower stress, and make you feel more energized (some have even reported that it helps reduce snoring). For more information on how it works read about it here.

250px-Apple_TV_2nd_GenerationApple TV: It may seem like a stereo type but guys love their gadgets and electronics. Apple TV give you access to the internet, Netflix, Hulu, your entire iTunes account and even your pictures and your computer. My husband got hooked on Breaking Bad a season late and it was only because of our Apple TV he even started watching. I could not recommend any other technology more that the people your life may not already have. You can include a gift membership to Netflix too.


Rock and Roll Class: Does your Dad think he could have been a rock star? Does your boyfriend think that he can be the next heart-throb? Sign them up for a rock and roll class. Google rock and roll academy or rock and roll classes for adults in your area, I am sure you can find one.

Sports Car Driving Class: If the guy on your list does not want to go to a rock and roll class what about giving them a chance to drive a sports car on a secure track. You can get your brother or friend a great day at the track to give them a chance of a lifetime.

Big Ticket

Tesla: Do I have to say anymore? All electric, high performance sports car. These cars make men drool and earthy girl swoon!! If you want to get the guy in your life a splashy gift this is THE ONE!

Here are some other gift ideas that men would also like if they are a foodie or health and fitness fanatic.

Do you have any other good gift ideas for the men in your life?

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  1. I love Miessence and Erin! Hope I win! Also, the link for the Guitar pick punch doesn’t work. I’d love to get that for my son! Great idea!!

  2. Thanks Karen… Keep your fingers crossed. lol

  3. Great ideas! I see you are also a fan of Uncommon Goods for guy gifts? I buy from them most years for my husband. This is a great post to have included in the Green Holiday Guide Blog Carnival, thanks!

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