6 Things Every Green Mom Needs In Her Bag

6 Things Every Green Mom NeedsEvery Mom has several necessities in her bag but when you are green mom some of the things in your bag may be a little different. Here is a list of 6 things you must have no matter what age your children are:

Snacks in a stainless container or fabric bag. I never leave the house with my kids with out least one container with pretzels or popcorn in it. In the summer I often have three or four so we do not have to go home from the park just because we are hungry. Using a stainless steel containers is better because it does not leak or get crushed. [Read more…]

8 Ways To Use Your Lemon Peels

8 Ways To Use Your Lemon Peels 3

We use lemons in our cooking all the time but what should you do with the heap of lemon peels you accumulate while you are cooking. Here are 8 great ways to make use of them:

Remove the garlic smell from your hands. If you are doing a lot of cooking and you have that garlic (or onion or what ever) smell left on your hands rub the rinds on your hands and finger nails. [Read more…]

How To Make A Banner With Your Old Holiday Cards #DIY

How To Make A Banner With Your Old Holiday CardsDo not throw away your holiday cards!! I have a great craft for you to re-purpose them and have a great decoration for next year. All you need is things you have around your house and you can make a great banner for┬ánext year (and the years to come after that). [Read more…]

Welcome To The New Year

2014 PostWhew, it seems like just yesterday the kids were going back to school. Now it is January and we are all ready to start new things and re-think our intentions from last year and think about what we want to do this year. That goes the same for this blog. I thought I would share with you my plan for this year.

I have had some many ideas in my mind in 2014 of plans for the blog but kept over-thinking what I should do, what you would like, and what new readers might be interest in that I got myself in an endless loop of questions and never executed what I wanted to do.

So here it goes here is the plan for year. Weekly I will have posts on the following topics: [Read more…]

How To Throw A Green New Years Party

New years partyReady to ring in the New Year but you still have a bunch of garbage and recycling that has not been picked up from Christmas? Here are some tips on how to reduce your waste and throw a green New Years Party.

Ditch the red cups. Take out all your glasses including your wine, champagne and pint glasses. Put out your unused mason jars if you do not have enough glasses. Set up a table of all your mixed glassware everyone will pick what they want. People will think it is classy anyway.

Take out your fancy plates. Not everyone has fancy plates, if you are not married you might not have enough plates for every guest but if you can scrape together enough plates it will go a long way in reducing the waste. [Read more…]