5 Amazing Things You Need For Your Mason Jars

5 Amazing Things You Need For Your Mason JarsMason Jars have been all the rage for a long time now. There are several inventions that we all need to have to make these already versatile jars even more useful. As we all strive to use less plastic and have less things mason jars have emerged as a multi-use device. Here are five things you need to have to make give them even more uses.

Mason tapThe Mason Tap: This is something I recently found and ordered two within minutes of seeing it. You can make your mason jars into jars you can pour from. This is perfect if you make your own salad dressing so you can pour it easily with out it falling all over the place. [Read more…]

Shh… Don’t Tell I Am Becoming A Vegan

VeganOk I am the title of this post may have been misleading I not becoming a full-time vegan, but I am committed to eating vegan at least two times a day and few nights a week. The impact on my health and the planet will be remarkable.

This decision is no small decision it will have an impact on how I eat all my lunches (my only meal where I am completely autonomous from my family. Breakfast will be tough because eggs have become a staple when I cut out bread and cereal. Dinner is the hardest because I eat with my family every night and it is already hard to meal plan with my crew. [Read more…]

What You Can Do To Help With The California Drought

California droughtWith the drought in California you maybe wondering what you can do to help? Here are a few things you can do at home that can help everyone living in California.

Stop buying bottled water from these companies: Aquafina, Dasani, Nestle, Arrowhead and Crystal Geyser these companies may bottle in many different states but they also bottle in California some from water sources that could be used for local water consumption. If we boycott these brands they may cease there bottling operations in California during the drought. We need to see this water available for local residents not shipped out to other states.

Do not buy designer bluejeans. According to NPR 75% of the worlds designer blue jeans [Read more…]

10 Things To Do Before You Plant Your Garden

10 Things To Do Before You Plant Your GardenThe first summer after I moved into my house I was ready to plant an amazing garden. I jumped right in head first. I had a gradened a ton when I was kid and I actually felt confident that I knew what I was doing. My garden that year was basically a disaster. My ground was to hard and not aerated, my hose did not reach all the beds I planted, and the sun scortched some of my plants a few days after I planted them. Now 9 years later I understand a lot more about my garden and my yard.

Here are my tips on what I should have done when I started I would have had a much more successful garden. [Read more…]

What Would A Climate Scientist Do?

Climate scientist 3Last week I had the unique opportunity to hear climate scientist Kevin Trenberth speak. He is an amazing scientist who has studied the ocean temperature at different depths. He was a lead author of the 2001 and 2007 IPCC Scientific Assessment of Climate Change and currently works at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He also speaks around the country about climate change and his research.

His presentation was interesting and talked about his research on the temperature of the ocean both on the surface and at deeper depths. He showed us charts documenting not just ocean temperature change and its correllation to El Nino seasons but also atmospheric temperature. [Read more…]