Holiday Gift List For A Green Mom

Holiday Wish ListSo this is more than a gift list for a green mom it is the holiday wish list for THIS green mom. There will be too much on this list for my family to actually give me but I am not holding back, budget busters beware there are some dream items that no one would give me but if a family member wins the lottery between now and Christmas I want to make sure that they have some ideas handy.

Let me start off small…

Set of 4 section plates. I have wanted to get these plates from Uncommon Goods for years. I admit I ate tv dinners when I was a kid and always ate the brownie in the center small section first. I want to ditch all my kids melanin plates and just get these (they are past the throwing plates stage). While you are at it I would like this too. [Read more…]

Giving Tuesday Guide For The Planet

givingtuesday2014This year I thought you might like a gift guide for Giving Tuesday. There are many organizations out there you can give money to that help support the environment. Here are some of my favorites that I have worked with or given to over the last few years.

Lead Safe America Whenever I tell people about Tamara Rubin and her work in creating Lead Safe America and her film MisLEAD I always hear “but lead is not a problem anymore.” Unfortunately that is not the case and Tamara, a mother of two poisoned children, is leading the charge in educating people about the dangers that our out there. She works with families of lead poisoned children, does testing events with her equipment to show the public that lead is still in our consumer goods, and speaks at events educating people about the dangers. A donation to lead safe America would help them expand their work and allow Tamara to travel and speak more.

The Mothers Project this program is near and dear to my heart as a founding mother and avid volunteer for the organization their mission is so important to me… Children’s health and renewable energy. [Read more…]

12 Great Road Trip Apps

Apps For Road TripsIt is holiday time and everyone is heading out on the road. With our smart phones and tablets the drive does not have be boring for you or the kids. Here are some of my favorite apps to help make the ride go faster, smarter, and more fun.

Waze: great app for up to date traffic information and even where the cops have speed traps. Huge battery drain only use it if you can be plugged in.

Gas Buddy: Tells you where the gas stations are and their prices

Food Spotting: Tells you where the real foodie places areā€¦ sounds like a trendy Yelp [Read more…]

How To Host Thanksgiving On A Budget

How To Host Thanksgiving On A BudgetDo not let the cost of hosting Thanksgiving get you down. The point of the holidays is to have fun with your friends and family. You can host an amazing Thanksgiving with out going into debt.

No Decorations. Sounds simple right but once you start planning for the Thanksgiving you think you need to have decorations. No one really notices. It is the easiest budget saver to just skip the gourds, paper turkeys, flower centerpiece and fabric banners. If you feel the need to have something have the kids trace their hands and make turkeys you can make into a garland or just hang them up around the house. [Read more…]

My Annual Birthday Wish List

Green wish listIt has become a bit of tradition for me to post my birthday wish list here a few weeks before my birthday. This year I have a huge list! I would argue that this could cover more than a years worth of gift giving for me.

A freezer. I would reduce my food waste significantly if I had a larger freezer that was easier to navigate than the freezer I have on my fridge. I would love to get an upright, automatic defrosting Energy Star freezer. They are little pricey at about $700 but I am sure that I will save that much in food waste in less than a year so it is worth it.

New Plates. I got married almost a decade ago and my husband and i are little clumsy we barely have enough plates for everyone in the family to eat. I am not sure what kind of plate I want but I want to make sure they are totally safe… believe it or not there is a certain amount of PPM (parts per million) of lead and other dangerous chemicals that have been detected in common plates. I need to do my research and find something safe.

Gift Certificate for Stitch Fix. I have really enjoyed receiving my eco-friendly fixes. I do not get them every month but when I do I really look forward to receiving my package and trying things on.

Oh no now we get to Etsy… I have a huge wish list there: [Read more…]