Advice For A New Nursing Mother

Advice for a New nursing MotherMy personal Facebook feed has been littered with cute newborn faces and smiling mom’s and dad’s. It makes me think back on my first few weeks as a mom both times around. There are lots of things that are on your mind those first few weeks but nursing mothers are consumed with thoughts about feeding their babies. Here are my tips from experience with two very different children on how to make it through nursing your baby and beyond.

Make use of the lactation specialists in the hospital. Those poor women at my hospital should have moved into my room with my daughter and I. As a new mom, who had a c-section, with a baby who could not figure out how to latch we had a lot of issues. The nurses and the experts were the only reason why I stayed with it. They showed me what to do, over and over again, [Read more...]

Wild Mint Helping Me Get Ready For Zero Waste Lunches

What You Need For A Zero Waste LunchI have made about 1,275 out of the over 9000 lunches I will make in my two children’s lifetime. As a working mom sending my kids to daycare I have woken up early every day to make a fresh lunch for my kids since they started on solid food (even homemade baby food). I currently use the same containers I purchased when they were babies Lunchbots some of them are over five years old. But now I am faced with the fact that my oldest is going into a school setting and her lunch is not going to be refrigerated and heated up for her based on her needs and wants. This has forced me to re-evaluate our lunch supplies!

I strive for a completely waste free lunch. Stainless containers , stainless steel water bottles, bamboo forks/spoon, and cloth napkins also make their way into my kids lunch boxes. [Read more...]

7 Organizing Tips To Reduce Your Food Waste

7 Organizing Tips To Reduce Food WasteMany people do no think about food waste as an environmental issue but it is a serious one. As we continue to push our farms to the limit to produce huge amounts of food we need to use that food more effectively. I admit I waste food, it happens, I get lazy, I work late, forget to freeze something, or even get a last minute dinner invite. Organization is the key.

Last week I took on a huge project on of reorganizing my kitchen to reduce my food waste. It was a time consuming project in my small kitchen but it was worth it. [Read more...]

All Natural Luminance Skincare Products

Luminance-Giveaway-Button-FinalWelcome to the Luminance Skincare Giveaway Event, hosted by Happy Mothering and the Green Moms Network. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to an up and coming natural skincare brand – Luminance.

What I love about Luminance Skincare is how it was started. When Priscilla, company Founder Kim’s wife, became allergic to conventional skincare products they decided they needed to do something. Just walking through the beauty section in a department store would have Priscilla down for the day with a migraine. [Read more...]

How To Deal With Water Issues

How To Deal With Water IssuesA few days ago when I settled down after I put my kids to bed I saw the news on Facebook, we were under a water advisory. E coli had been found in a water sample taken a few days prior and the results had just come in. Within minutes, conspiracy theories were circulating how long did the mayor know before telling us, did the McDonald’s in town know earlier in the week when they were not serving soda or other drinks and one person even reported seeing a town employee purchasing several cases of water the day before the advisory. There was an immediate run on water at the store.

My small town (which was the ONLY town under advisory) had fallen into chaos almost immediately. It was funny, sad and honestly a little scary. As anyone who follows the impacts of climate change knows, water may become scare in many location either permanently or from time to time. In less than 12 hours I watched people completely devolve, I could not imagine what would happen when it involved total regions. I understood even more why the military is planning for the issues that come with water scarcity. [Read more...]