We Were 4 Of The 400,000 #PeoplesClimateMarch

Peoples Climate MarchYesterday my family and I went on what is normally a short daily journey for me to New York City. Today we were on a longer journey because we were bringing a 5 and 3 year old in to the city on a weekend. All joking aside it is hard work to bring kids in to an event like this but my husband and I really wanted to do this with them. So be brought the double stroller and our Ergo along with an entire backpack full of snacks and water to be a part of The Peoples Climate March.

For those of you who did not attend or know much about it, the march was organized so that like minded groups assembled at certain areas of Central Park West so they could walk together. There were religious groups, unions, parent groups and many other groups assembled from 59th street all the way up to 89th street!! The march went on similar route of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade to give you an idea of just how big this was. [Read more...]

Will You Make History? #PeoplesClimate

pcm-march-with-orange-background-2-01In one month, I am going to take my family to New York City and we are going to make history with thousands of other families. We are going to tell all the world leaders who are in town for the UN Summit that we want our voice heard and we want them to do something about Climate Change. I have not been able to participate in other climate marches in the past so I was so happy to learn about The People’s Climate March in the early stages of planning. I marked my calendar immediately and told my husband we were ALL going. [Read more...]

Advice For A New Nursing Mother

Advice for a New nursing MotherMy personal Facebook feed has been littered with cute newborn faces and smiling mom’s and dad’s. It makes me think back on my first few weeks as a mom both times around. There are lots of things that are on your mind those first few weeks but nursing mothers are consumed with thoughts about feeding their babies. Here are my tips from experience with two very different children on how to make it through nursing your baby and beyond.

Make use of the lactation specialists in the hospital. Those poor women at my hospital should have moved into my room with my daughter and I. As a new mom, who had a c-section, with a baby who could not figure out how to latch we had a lot of issues. The nurses and the experts were the only reason why I stayed with it. They showed me what to do, over and over again, [Read more...]

Wild Mint Helping Me Get Ready For Zero Waste Lunches

What You Need For A Zero Waste LunchI have made about 1,275 out of the over 9000 lunches I will make in my two children’s lifetime. As a working mom sending my kids to daycare I have woken up early every day to make a fresh lunch for my kids since they started on solid food (even homemade baby food). I currently use the same containers I purchased when they were babies Lunchbots some of them are over five years old. But now I am faced with the fact that my oldest is going into a school setting and her lunch is not going to be refrigerated and heated up for her based on her needs and wants. This has forced me to re-evaluate our lunch supplies!

I strive for a completely waste free lunch. Stainless containers , stainless steel water bottles, bamboo forks/spoon, and cloth napkins also make their way into my kids lunch boxes. [Read more...]

7 Organizing Tips To Reduce Your Food Waste

7 Organizing Tips To Reduce Food WasteMany people do no think about food waste as an environmental issue but it is a serious one. As we continue to push our farms to the limit to produce huge amounts of food we need to use that food more effectively. I admit I waste food, it happens, I get lazy, I work late, forget to freeze something, or even get a last minute dinner invite. Organization is the key.

Last week I took on a huge project on of reorganizing my kitchen to reduce my food waste. It was a time consuming project in my small kitchen but it was worth it. [Read more...]